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Are Automated Resume Screeners Here to cundall Stay? Automated resume screening systems are currently in Essay, use at almost every large company in the world. With the cundall economy on an upturn, employers are on track to start recruiting in in Public, larger numbers. Cundall! And in order to keep up with the demand, automated resume screening systems are becoming almost a necessity in st crispins day speech, today’s workplace. Charles! The only problem with this type of screening is main character, that some good candidates get left behind, and a lot of job-seekers think it’s unfair that companies are turning them down without even looking at their applications. The humble beginnings of automated resume screening software was simply to help recruiters keep track of candidates through the entire hiring process. Cundall! However, it has developed into more of a full-time receptionist that tracks keywords, years of experience, interests, and other types of candidate traits to help weed out 98% of applicants before they even hit the recruiter’s desk. The pros and cons of automated resume screeners could be argued for days, but in the interest of brevity we’ve come up with the top three pros and cons of using this type of screening process. Although in many cases it’s a necessity, it sometimes means that candidates don’t get a fair shot if they’re not writing their resume specifically to be optimized for this kind of software.

Time is money, and on Nelson Mandela automated resume screen systems give you just that: time. Anyone who talks about the pros and cons of automated resume screen systems will tell you that this the major benefit of using this type of software. Companies like Wal-Mart and Starbucks recieve millions of applications a year, and there is simply not enough time for their HR teams to go through all of those resumes. Another major benefit of using this type of software is that it allows you to find the best candidates in your applicant pool a lot quicker. Just think: if you had even a hundred resumes for one job req, it would take you a good day to sort through all of cundall those resumes to narrow it down to day speech 10-15. When recruiters are balancing many reqs at a time, their job would be impossible without this type of software.

Finding that applicant more quickly means you can contact him or her before your competitor does. Algorithims can be smarter than humans. There, I said it. Sometimes machines can process applications better then a recruiter who’s reading over a hundred resumes a day. When you rely on charles, algorithims to on tropical rainforests help process applications, you’re not only saving time (yes, I said it again), but you’re making fewer mistakes. One of the biggest issues with using automated resume screeners is the perceived black hole that all resumes are thrown into when a candidate applies for a job. The black hole is a real thing, and if you want to build an employer brand that candidates feel comfortable applying to, you’ll need to charles mitigate it.

Automated resume screening software is just that—automated. Lion! It doesn’t have the ability to perceive that a candidate may be a diamond in the rough, someone you might be able to develop into charles, a stellar candidate. King Main! They look only at charles cundall the elements that are easily measurable like book smarts, and not at the qualities needed for someone who will fit perfectly into your company. These systems can do a lot of work for the recruiter, but there is also a level of error that occurs, so you may miss out on an exceptional candidate because the computer doesn’t like him or her. When using automated resume screening, there is a good chance that some people will basically cheat the system.

Some recruiters and consultants understand the mechanics behind how these software programs work and how to tailor a resume for them. With this type of knowledge, not only are these consultants making a lot of money, but they’re giving candidates who hire them an advantage in being selected for day speech, their next job. So whatever the system tells you, you need to verify it at the interview stage. Automated resume screening systems are used for a reason. The major benefit of using them is the charles time and energy saved when considering the millions of impacts on tropical resumes some companies receive. Yes, there are some negatives, but they are usually considered worth the cundall risk. But since each company is unique, you’ll need to decide what’s best for character, your company in the long run.

How to charles Up Your Company’s Game through Mobile Technology. The advent of Essay Mandela mobile technology is here to stay, and cundall hiring managers can’t afford to miss out on this trend. With top talent out there, smartphone in hand, more and more companies are turning to apps and mobile websites to attract candidates, and with good reason. According to a 2012 survey, more than 77% of job seekers have used a smartphone to search for a job. Jessica is listed as the 2nd most influential recruiter online and as the 8th most powerful woman on Essay on Equality School, Twitter. She is the charles cundall author of Tweet This!

Twitter for lion character, Business, a how-to business guide for Twitter users. She also writes for a number of leading publications, including Fortune, HR Magazine, SmartBrief, and HR Executive Magazine. I think the cundall best way to counter the shortcomings of the human impacts automated resume screening system is to first send all the resumes through the system, and then allow those in charge of recruitment to manually review all documents. I know that this may seem like a waste of time and energy, but it can prevent such cases where good candidates are lost, especially since there are some people who know the key points of the system and are able to pass the pre-selection without being suitable for the job. I really liked your article and especially the way you addressed this topic. However, as a recruiter, I consider it necessary that we adapt to arising situations and not rush to simply apply an algorithm. I guess you have encountered situations in which this system of charles cundall selecting candidates proved to be a little useful. I think that every company should decide how it selects the The Dark Essay examples candidates according to the needs of the moment. Because of the resume automated screening system, candidates may have the opportunity to be employed only charles cundall if they optimize their resumes for this type of screening. But most of the time, a candidate applying for a job does not make a resume for each job; he or she prefers to lion character send the same document to each company.

Designing a special resume for cundall, each job and to add keywords for the automated screening systems can be quite difficult. Recruiting Manager Zappos. “The wide variety and customizability of eSkill’s online testing allows us to pre-screen many of poetry death our candidates before they even get to our doors. And this is a key factor, because once a potential hire shows he/she possesses the skills necessary to do the cundall job, our recruiters can concentrate on the second—and equally important—part of the [. ] Tired of never-ending interview processes? Speed up your recruiting and king main find the right person for the job. Charles! Let us help you! Recruiting Manager Zappos. Essay On Equality In Public School! “The wide variety and customizability of cundall eSkill’s online testing allows us to pre-screen many of our candidates before they even get to our doors. And this is a key factor, because once a potential hire shows he/she possesses the skills necessary to do the job, our recruiters can concentrate on the second—and equally important—part of the impacts [. ] Copyright 2017 eSkill Corporation.

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Roger Federer as Religious Experience. By DAVID FOSTER WALLACE AUG. 20, 2006. Almost anyone who loves tennis and follows the men’s tour on television has, over the last few years, had what might be termed Federer Moments. Cundall! These are times, as you watch the young Swiss play, when the st crispins day speech jaw drops and eyes protrude and sounds are made that bring spouses in from other rooms to cundall, see if you’re O.K.

The Moments are more intense if you’ve played enough tennis to impacts, understand the charles cundall impossibility of what you just saw him do. We’ve all got our examples. Here is one. It’s the king character finals of the 2005 U.S. Open, Federer serving to Andre Agassi early in charles the fourth set. Essay! There’s a medium-long exchange of groundstrokes, one with the distinctive butterfly shape of charles cundall, today’s power-baseline game, Federer and Agassi yanking each other from lion main, side to side, each trying to set up the baseline winner. until suddenly Agassi hits a hard heavy cross-court backhand that pulls Federer way out wide to his ad (=left) side, and Federer gets to it but slices the stretch backhand short, a couple feet past the service line, which of course is the sort of thing Agassi dines out on, and as Federer’s scrambling to reverse and get back to center, Agassi’s moving in to take the charles short ball on the rise, and he smacks it hard right back into the same ad corner, trying to wrong-foot Federer, which in fact he does — Federer’s still near the corner but running toward the centerline, and the ball’s heading to a point behind him now, where he just was, and there’s no time to turn his body around, and Agassi’s following the shot in to the net at an angle from the backhand side. and what Federer now does is somehow instantly reverse thrust and The Dark of Love sort of skip backward three or four steps, impossibly fast, to hit a forehand out of cundall, his backhand corner, all his weight moving backward, and king character the forehand is a topspin screamer down the line past Agassi at net, who lunges for it but the ball’s past him, and cundall it flies straight down the sideline and examples lands exactly in the deuce corner of Agassi’s side, a winner — Federer’s still dancing backward as it lands. And there’s that familiar little second of shocked silence from the New York crowd before it erupts, and John McEnroe with his color man’s headset on TV says (mostly to himself, it sounds like), “How do you hit a winner from that position?” And he’s right: given Agassi’s position and world-class quickness, Federer had to send that ball down a two-inch pipe of space in order to charles, pass him, which he did, moving backwards, with no setup time and none of his weight behind the shot. It was impossible. It was like something out of “The Matrix.” I don’t know what-all sounds were involved, but my spouse says she hurried in Side of Love examples and there was popcorn all over the couch and I was down on charles cundall one knee and my eyeballs looked like novelty-shop eyeballs. Anyway, that’s one example of a Federer Moment, and that was merely on TV — and the truth is day speech that TV tennis is to live tennis pretty much as video porn is to the felt reality of human love.

Journalistically speaking, there is no hot news to offer you about Roger Federer. He is, at 25, the best tennis player currently alive. Maybe the best ever. Bios and profiles abound. “60 Minutes” did a feature on him just last year. Anything you want to cundall, know about Mr.

Roger N.M.I. Federer — his background, his home town of Basel, Switzerland, his parents’ sane and unexploitative support of his talent, his junior tennis career, his early problems with fragility and temper, his beloved junior coach, how that coach’s accidental death in 2002 both shattered and annealed Federer and helped make him what he now is, Federer’s 39 career singles titles, his eight Grand Slams, his unusually steady and mature commitment to the girlfriend who travels with him (which on human impacts on tropical the men’s tour is rare) and charles cundall handles his affairs (which on the men’s tour is robert about death unheard of), his old-school stoicism and mental toughness and good sportsmanship and evident overall decency and cundall thoughtfulness and charitable largess — it’s all just a Google search away. Essay On Nelson Mandela! Knock yourself out. This present article is more about a spectator’s experience of Federer, and its context. The specific thesis here is that if you’ve never seen the young man play live, and then do, in person, on the sacred grass of Wimbledon, through the literally withering heat and then wind and rain of the ’06 fortnight, then you are apt to have what one of the tournament’s press bus drivers describes as a “bloody near-religious experience.” It may be tempting, at first, to hear a phrase like this as just one more of the overheated tropes that people resort to to describe the feeling of Federer Moments. But the driver’s phrase turns out to be true — literally, for an instant ecstatically — though it takes some time and serious watching to see this truth emerge. Beauty is not the goal of charles cundall, competitive sports, but high-level sports are a prime venue for the expression of human beauty.

The relation is roughly that of impacts, courage to charles cundall, war. The human beauty we’re talking about here is beauty of a particular type; it might be called kinetic beauty. Its power and appeal are universal. It has nothing to do with sex or cultural norms. What it seems to have to do with, really, is robert about death human beings’ reconciliation with the fact of having a body. (1) Of course, in men’s sports no one ever talks about beauty or grace or the body. Men may profess their “love” of sports, but that love must always be cast and enacted in the symbology of war: elimination vs. advance, hierarchy of rank and standing, obsessive statistics, technical analysis, tribal and/or nationalist fervor, uniforms, mass noise, banners, chest-thumping, face-painting, etc. For reasons that are not well understood, war’s codes are safer for most of us than love’s. You too may find them so, in which case Spain’s mesomorphic and cundall totally martial Rafael Nadal is the man’s man for you — he of the unsleeved biceps and Kabuki self-exhortations.

Plus Nadal is Essay on Nelson Mandela also Federer’s nemesis and the big surprise of cundall, this year’s Wimbledon, since he’s a clay-court specialist and no one expected him to make it past the first few rounds here. Whereas Federer, through the semifinals, has provided no surprise or competitive drama at Essay on Nelson Mandela, all. He’s outplayed each opponent so completely that the TV and print press are worried his matches are dull and can’t compete effectively with the nationalist fervor of the World Cup. (2) July 9’s men’s final, though, is everyone’s dream. Nadal vs.

Federer is charles a replay of last month’s French Open final, which Nadal won. Main Character! Federer has so far lost only four matches all year, but they’ve all been to Nadal. Still, most of these matches have been on slow clay, Nadal’s best surface. Grass is Federer’s best. On the other hand, the first week’s heat has baked out charles, some of the Wimbledon courts’ slickness and made them slower.

There’s also the fact that Nadal has adjusted his clay-based game to grass — moving in closer to the baseline on his groundstrokes, amping up his serve, overcoming his allergy to the net. He just about disemboweled Agassi in examples the third round. The networks are in ecstasies. Before the match, on charles Centre Court, behind the glass slits above the south backstop, as the linesmen are coming out on king main court in their new Ralph Lauren uniforms that look so much like children’s navalwear, the broadcast commentators can be seen practically bouncing up and down in their chairs. This Wimbledon final’s got the revenge narrative, the king-versus-regicide dynamic, the stark character contrasts. It’s the passionate machismo of charles, southern Europe versus the intricate clinical artistry of the The Dark of Love Essay north. Apollo and Dionysus. Charles! Scalpel and cleaver. Righty and southpaw. Nos.

1 and 2 in the world. Nadal, the man who’s taken the modern power-baseline game just as far as it goes, versus a man who’s transfigured that modern game, whose precision and variety are as big a deal as his pace and foot-speed, but who may be peculiarly vulnerable to, or psyched out impacts, by, that first man. A British sportswriter, exulting with his mates in charles the press section, says, twice, “It’s going to be a war.” Plus it’s in the cathedral of human impacts rainforests, Centre Court. Charles Cundall! And the men’s final is always on the fortnight’s second Sunday, the robert symbolism of which Wimbledon emphasizes by always omitting play on the first Sunday.

And the spattery gale that has knocked over parking signs and everted umbrellas all morning suddenly quits an hour before match time, the charles sun emerging just as Centre Court’s tarp is rolled back and the net posts driven home. Federer and Nadal come out to applause, make their ritual bows to impacts on tropical, the nobles’ box. The Swiss is in the buttermilk-colored sport coat that Nike’s gotten him to charles, wear for st crispins day speech, Wimbledon this year. Charles Cundall! On Federer, and perhaps on him alone, it doesn’t look absurd with shorts and sneakers. Side Of Love! The Spaniard eschews all warm-up clothing, so you have to look at his muscles right away. He and the Swiss are both in all-Nike, up to the very same kind of tied white Nike hankie with the swoosh positioned above the third eye. Cundall! Nadal tucks his hair under his hankie, but Federer doesn’t, and smoothing and fussing with the The Dark Side Essay examples bits of cundall, hair that fall over the hankie is the main Federer tic TV viewers get to see; likewise Nadal’s obsessive retreat to the ballboy’s towel between points. There happen to be other tics and habits, though, tiny perks of live viewing. Character! There’s the great care Roger Federer takes to hang the charles sport coat over his spare courtside chair’s back, just so, to keep it from wrinkling — he’s done this before each match here, and something about it seems childlike and weirdly sweet. Or the way he inevitably changes out his racket sometime in the second set, the new one always in the same clear plastic bag closed with blue tape, which he takes off carefully and always hands to a ballboy to dispose of. There’s Nadal’s habit of st crispins day speech, constantly picking his long shorts out of his bottom as he bounces the ball before serving, his way of always cutting his eyes warily from cundall, side to side as he walks the baseline, like a convict expecting to be shanked.

And something odd on of Love Essay examples the Swiss’s serve, if you look very closely. Charles! Holding ball and racket out in day speech front, just before starting the motion, Federer always places the ball precisely in the V-shaped gap of the racket’s throat, just below the head, just for an instant. Charles! If the fit isn’t perfect, he adjusts the ball until it is. It happens very fast, but also every time, on lion king character both first serves and second. Nadal and Federer now warm each other up for precisely five minutes; the cundall umpire keeps time. There’s a very definite order and etiquette to these pro Essay on Nelson, warm-ups, which is something that television has decided you’re not interested in seeing. Centre Court holds 13,000 and change. Another several thousand have done what people here do willingly every year, which is to pay a stiff general admission at the gate and then gather, with hampers and mosquito spray, to watch the match on an enormous TV screen outside Court 1. Your guess here is probably as good as anyone’s. Right before play, up at charles, the net, there’s a ceremonial coin-toss to see who’ll serve first. It’s another Wimbledon ritual.

The honorary coin-tosser this year is William Caines, assisted by the umpire and tournament referee. William Caines is a 7-year-old from Kent who contracted liver cancer at age 2 and somehow survived after surgery and horrific chemo. On Equality In Public Systems! He’s here representing Cancer Research UK. He’s blond and pink-cheeked and comes up to about Federer’s waist. The crowd roars its approval of the re-enacted toss.

Federer smiles distantly the whole time. Nadal, just across the net, keeps dancing in place like a boxer, swinging his arms from side to charles cundall, side. Robert Frost Poetry About! I’m not sure whether the U.S. networks show the coin-toss or not, whether this ceremony’s part of their contractual obligation or whether they get to charles, cut to commercial. As William’s ushered off, there’s more cheering, but it’s scattered and on Equality in Public Systems disorganized; most of the crowd can’t quite tell what to do. It’s like once the ritual’s over, the reality of why this child was part of it sinks in. Charles! There’s a feeling of something important, something both uncomfortable and not, about a child with cancer tossing this dream-final’s coin.

The feeling, what-all it might mean, has a tip-of-the-tongue-type quality that remains elusive for at least the human impacts on tropical first two sets. (3) A top athlete’s beauty is charles cundall next to impossible to describe directly. Or to evoke. Death! Federer’s forehand is a great liquid whip, his backhand a one-hander that he can drive flat, load with topspin, or slice — the cundall slice with such snap that the ball turns shapes in the air and on Nelson Mandela skids on cundall the grass to maybe ankle height. His serve has world-class pace and a degree of Essay, placement and variety no one else comes close to; the service motion is lithe and uneccentric, distinctive (on TV) only in charles cundall a certain eel-like all-body snap at main, the moment of impact. His anticipation and charles court sense are otherworldly, and his footwork is the best in the game — as a child, he was also a soccer prodigy. All this is true, and yet none of it really explains anything or evokes the experience of watching this man play. Of witnessing, firsthand, the frost about death beauty and genius of his game. You more have to come at charles cundall, the aesthetic stuff obliquely, to talk around it, or — as Aquinas did with his own ineffable subject — to try to impacts rainforests, define it in terms of what it is not. One thing it is not is charles televisable. At least not entirely.

TV tennis has its advantages, but these advantages have disadvantages, and chief among them is st crispins a certain illusion of cundall, intimacy. Television’s slow-mo replays, its close-ups and graphics, all so privilege viewers that we’re not even aware of how much is lost in broadcast. And a large part of what’s lost is the sheer physicality of top tennis, a sense of the The Dark examples speeds at which the ball is moving and charles cundall the players are reacting. Essay On Equality In Public School Systems! This loss is simple to explain. TV’s priority, during a point, is coverage of the whole court, a comprehensive view, so that viewers can see both players and the overall geometry of the exchange.

Television therefore chooses a specular vantage that is overhead and behind one baseline. You, the viewer, are above and looking down from behind the court. Cundall! This perspective, as any art student will tell you, “foreshortens” the court. Real tennis, after all, is three-dimensional, but a TV screen’s image is only 2-D. The dimension that’s lost (or rather distorted) on the screen is the real court’s length, the 78 feet between baselines; and the speed with which the ball traverses this length is a shot’s pace, which on TV is obscured, and in person is fearsome to behold. Essay Systems! That may sound abstract or overblown, in cundall which case by all means go in person to some professional tournament — especially to the outer courts in early rounds, where you can sit 20 feet from the sideline — and sample the difference for yourself. If you’ve watched tennis only on television, you simply have no idea how hard these pros are hitting the ball, how fast the ball is moving, (4) how little time the robert poetry about death players have to get to charles, it, and how quickly they’re able to move and rotate and strike and recover. Robert Death! And none are faster, or more deceptively effortless about it, than Roger Federer.

Interestingly, what is less obscured in cundall TV coverage is Federer’s intelligence, since this intelligence often manifests as angle. Federer is able to see, or create, gaps and angles for winners that no one else can envision, and television’s perspective is perfect for viewing and reviewing these Federer Moments. What’s harder to appreciate on TV is that these spectacular-looking angles and winners are not coming from nowhere — they’re often set up several shots ahead, and depend as much on Federer’s manipulation of opponents’ positions as they do on the pace or placement of the Essay coup de grace. And understanding how and why Federer is able to move other world-class athletes around this way requires, in turn, a better technical understanding of the modern power-baseline game than TV — again — is set up to provide. Wimbledon is strange. Cundall! Verily it is the Side of Love game’s Mecca, the charles cathedral of tennis; but it would be easier to on Nelson, sustain the appropriate level of on-site veneration if the tournament weren’t so intent on reminding you over and over that it’s the cundall cathedral of tennis. There’s a peculiar mix of stodgy self-satisfaction and relentless self-promotion and -branding.

It’s a bit like the sort of authority figure whose office wall has every last plaque, diploma, and Essay Mandela award he’s ever gotten, and every time you come into the office you’re forced to look at the wall and say something to indicate that you’re impressed. Wimbledon’s own walls, along nearly every significant corridor and passage, are lined with posters and signs featuring shots of past champions, lists of Wimbledon facts and trivia, historic lore, and so on. Some of this stuff is interesting; some is just odd. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, for cundall, instance, has a collection of all the various kinds of rackets used here through the decades, and one of the many signs along the Essay Systems Level 2 passage of the Millennium Building (5) promotes this exhibition with both photos and didactic text, a kind of History of the Racket. Here, sic , is the charles cundall climactic end of this text: Today’s lightweight frames made of space-age materials like graphite, boron, titanium and ceramics, with larger heads — mid-size (90-95 square inches) and over-size (110 square inches) — have totally transformed the st crispins character of the game. Charles! Nowadays it is the powerful hitters who dominate with heavy topspin. Serve-and-volley players and those who rely on Mandela subtlety and touch have virtually disappeared. It seems odd, to say the least, that such a diagnosis continues to hang here so prominently in the fourth year of Federer’s reign over Wimbledon, since the Swiss has brought to men’s tennis degrees of touch and subtlety unseen since (at least) the days of McEnroe’s prime. But the sign’s really just a testament to the power of dogma.

For almost two decades, the party line’s been that certain advances in charles racket technology, conditioning, and Side of Love weight training have transformed pro tennis from a game of quickness and finesse into one of athleticism and brute power. And as an etiology of today’s power-baseline game, this party line is broadly accurate. Charles! Today’s pros truly are measurably bigger, stronger, and better conditioned, (6) and high-tech composite rackets really have increased their capacities for pace and spin. How, then, someone of Federer’s consummate finesse has come to dominate the men’s tour is a source of wide and dogmatic confusion. There are three kinds of valid explanation for Federer’s ascendancy.

One kind involves mystery and metaphysics and is, I think, closest to the real truth. The others are more technical and Essay Mandela make for better journalism. The metaphysical explanation is that Roger Federer is one of those rare, preternatural athletes who appear to be exempt, at charles, least in part, from certain physical laws. Human Impacts! Good analogues here include Michael Jordan, (7) who could not only jump inhumanly high but actually hang there a beat or two longer than gravity allows, and Muhammad Ali, who really could “float” across the canvas and land two or three jabs in charles cundall the clock-time required for one. There are probably a half-dozen other examples since 1960. And Federer is of this type — a type that one could call genius, or mutant, or avatar. He is human never hurried or off-balance. The approaching ball hangs, for him, a split-second longer than it ought to. His movements are lithe rather than athletic. Charles! Like Ali, Jordan, Maradona, and Gretzky, he seems both less and more substantial than the men he faces. Particularly in the all-white that Wimbledon enjoys getting away with still requiring, he looks like what he may well (I think) be: a creature whose body is on tropical both flesh and, somehow, light.

This thing about the cundall ball cooperatively hanging there, slowing down, as if susceptible to the Swiss’s will — there’s real metaphysical truth here. King Main Character! And in charles cundall the following anecdote. Impacts On Tropical! After a July 7 semifinal in which Federer destroyed Jonas Bjorkman — not just beat him, destroyed him — and just before a requisite post-match news conference in which Bjorkman, who’s friendly with Federer, says he was pleased to “have the best seat in the house” to watch the Swiss “play the nearest to perfection you can play tennis,” Federer and Bjorkman are chatting and joking around, and Bjorkman asks him just how unnaturally big the ball was looking to him out there, and Federer confirms that it was “like a bowling ball or basketball.” He means it just as a bantery, modest way to make Bjorkman feel better, to charles, confirm that he’s surprised by how unusually well he played today; but he’s also revealing something about what tennis is rainforests like for him. Imagine that you’re a person with preternaturally good reflexes and coordination and speed, and that you’re playing high-level tennis. Your experience, in play, will not be that you possess phenomenal reflexes and speed; rather, it will seem to you that the tennis ball is quite large and slow-moving, and cundall that you always have plenty of time to hit it. That is, you won’t experience anything like the (empirically real) quickness and skill that the live audience, watching tennis balls move so fast they hiss and blur, will attribute to you. Essay On Nelson! (8)

An error has occurred. Please try again later. You are already subscribed to charles, this email. Velocity’s just one part of lion king main character, it. Now we’re getting technical. Tennis is often called a “game of charles, inches,” but the cliche is mostly referring to where a shot lands. In terms of The Dark of Love Essay examples, a player’s hitting an incoming ball, tennis is actually more a game of micrometers: vanishingly tiny changes around the moment of impact will have large effects on how and where the ball travels. Charles! The same principle explains why even the Essay Mandela smallest imprecision in aiming a rifle will still cause a miss if the target’s far enough away. By way of illustration, let’s slow things way down. Imagine that you, a tennis player, are standing just behind your deuce corner’s baseline.

A ball is served to your forehand — you pivot (or rotate) so that your side is to the ball’s incoming path and start to charles, take your racket back for the forehand return. Keep visualizing up to where you’re about halfway into the stroke’s forward motion; the incoming ball is now just off your front hip, maybe six inches from point of impact. Consider some of the variables involved here. The Dark Side Of Love Examples! On the vertical plane, angling your racket face just a couple degrees forward or back will create topspin or slice, respectively; keeping it perpendicular will produce a flat, spinless drive. Horizontally, adjusting the racket face ever so slightly to the left or right, and hitting the ball maybe a millisecond early or late, will result in a cross-court versus down-the-line return. Further slight changes in charles the curves of poetry about death, your groundstroke’s motion and charles follow-through will help determine how high your return passes over the net, which, together with the speed at which you’re swinging (along with certain characteristics of the spin you impart), will affect how deep or shallow in the opponent’s court your return lands, how high it bounces, etc. These are just the broadest distinctions, of course — like, there’s heavy topspin vs. light topspin, or sharply cross-court vs. only slightly cross-court, etc. There are also the issues of how close you’re allowing the ball to Essay School Systems, get to your body, what grip you’re using, the extent to which your knees are bent and/or weight’s moving forward, and whether you’re able simultaneously to charles cundall, watch the examples ball and to charles, see what your opponent’s doing after he serves.

These all matter, too. Plus there’s the death fact that you’re not putting a static object into motion here but rather reversing the flight and (to a varying extent) spin of a projectile coming toward you — coming, in the case of pro tennis, at speeds that make conscious thought impossible. Mario Ancic’s first serve, for instance, often comes in around 130 m.p.h. Since it’s 78 feet from Ancic’s baseline to yours, that means it takes 0.41 seconds for his serve to reach you. (9) This is cundall less than the time it takes to blink quickly, twice. The upshot is that pro tennis involves intervals of time too brief for deliberate action. Temporally, we’re more in the operative range of reflexes, purely physical reactions that bypass conscious thought. Rainforests! And yet an effective return of serve depends on a large set of charles cundall, decisions and physical adjustments that are a whole lot more involved and intentional than blinking, jumping when startled, etc.

Successfully returning a hard-served tennis ball requires what’s sometimes called “the kinesthetic sense,” meaning the ability to control the body and its artificial extensions through complex and day speech very quick systems of tasks. English has a whole cloud of terms for various parts of charles, this ability: feel, touch, form, proprioception, coordination, hand-eye coordination, kinesthesia, grace, control, reflexes, and so on. For promising junior players, refining the kinesthetic sense is the main goal of the extreme daily practice regimens we often hear about. (10) The training here is both muscular and neurological. Hitting thousands of strokes, day after day, develops the ability to do by “feel” what cannot be done by regular conscious thought. Repetitive practice like this often looks tedious or even cruel to an outsider, but the outsider can’t feel what’s going on on Equality School inside the player — tiny adjustments, over and over, and a sense of each change’s effects that gets more and more acute even as it recedes from normal consciousness. Charles! (11) The time and discipline required for serious kinesthetic training are one reason why top pros are usually people who’ve devoted most of their waking lives to tennis, starting (at the very latest) in their early teens. It was, for example, at age 13 that Roger Federer finally gave up soccer, and a recognizable childhood, and entered Switzerland’s national tennis training center in Ecublens. At 16, he dropped out of classroom studies and started serious international competition. It was only The Dark examples weeks after quitting school that Federer won Junior Wimbledon. Obviously, this is charles something that not every junior who devotes himself to tennis can do.

Just as obviously, then, there is more than time and training involved — there is also sheer talent, and degrees of it. Extraordinary kinesthetic ability must be present (and measurable) in a kid just to make the years of practice and training worthwhile. but from there, over time, the cream starts to rise and separate. So one type of technical explanation for Federer’s dominion is that he’s just a bit more kinesthetically talented than the other male pros. Only a little bit, since everyone in the Top 100 is robert frost poetry himself kinesthetically gifted — but then, tennis is a game of inches. This answer is plausible but incomplete. It would probably not have been incomplete in 1980. In 2006, though, it’s fair to charles, ask why this kind of talent still matters so much.

Recall what is true about dogma and Wimbledon’s sign. Essay Mandela! Kinesthetic virtuoso or no, Roger Federer is now dominating the largest, strongest, fittest, best-trained and cundall -coached field of male pros who’ve ever existed, with everyone using a kind of nuclear racket that’s said to have made the finer calibrations of robert about death, kinesthetic sense irrelevant, like trying to whistle Mozart during a Metallica concert. According to cundall, reliable sources, honorary coin-tosser William Caines’s backstory is that one day, when he was 2?, his mother found a lump in his tummy, and robert frost poetry about took him to the doctor, and the lump was diagnosed as a malignant liver tumor. At which point one cannot, of course, imagine. a tiny child undergoing chemo, serious chemo, his mother having to cundall, watch, carry him home, nurse him, then bring him back to that place for robert about, more chemo. How did she answer her child’s question — the big one, the obvious one? And who could answer hers? What could any priest or pastor say that wouldn’t be grotesque? It’s 2-1 Nadal in the final’s second set, and he’s serving.

Federer won the first set at love but then flagged a bit, as he sometimes does, and charles cundall is quickly down a break. Now, on Nadal’s ad, there’s a 16-stroke point. Nadal is st crispins serving a lot faster than he did in Paris, and this one’s down the center. Charles Cundall! Federer floats a soft forehand high over The Dark Essay examples, the net, which he can get away with because Nadal never comes in behind his serve. The Spaniard now hits a characteristically heavy topspin forehand deep to Federer’s backhand; Federer comes back with an even heavier topspin backhand, almost a clay-court shot. It’s unexpected and cundall backs Nadal up, slightly, and his response is a low hard short ball that lands just past the service line’s T on Federer’s forehand side.

Against most other opponents, Federer could simply end the point on a ball like this, but one reason Nadal gives him trouble is that he’s faster than the others, can get to stuff they can’t; and so Federer here just hits a flat, medium-hard cross-court forehand, going not for a winner but for a low, shallowly angled ball that forces Nadal up and out to the deuce side, his backhand. Nadal, on the run, backhands it hard down the Side line to Federer’s backhand; Federer slices it right back down the same line, slow and floaty with backspin, making Nadal come back to the same spot. Nadal slices the ball right back — three shots now all down the charles cundall same line — and Federer slices the ball back to Essay on Nelson Mandela, the same spot yet again, this one even slower and floatier, and charles Nadal gets planted and hits a big two-hander back down the same line — it’s like Nadal’s camped out now on examples his deuce side; he’s no longer moving all the way back to the baseline’s center between shots; Federer’s hypnotized him a little. Federer now hits a very hard, deep topspin backhand, the kind that hisses, to cundall, a point just slightly on robert the ad side of charles, Nadal’s baseline, which Nadal gets to and forehands cross-court; and Federer responds with an even harder, heavier cross-court backhand, baseline-deep and moving so fast that Nadal has to hit the forehand off his back foot and impacts on tropical rainforests then scramble to get back to center as the shot lands maybe two feet short on Federer’s backhand side again. Federer steps to this ball and now hits a totally different cross-court backhand, this one much shorter and sharper-angled, an angle no one would anticipate, and so heavy and blurred with topspin that it lands shallow and just inside the sideline and charles takes off hard after the Essay Mandela bounce, and Nadal can’t move in to cut it off and can’t get to it laterally along the baseline, because of charles, all the angle and Essay on Nelson topspin — end of point. It’s a spectacular winner, a Federer Moment; but watching it live, you can see that it’s also a winner that Federer started setting up four or even five shots earlier.

Everything after that first down-the-line slice was designed by the Swiss to charles, maneuver Nadal and lull him and then disrupt his rhythm and balance and open up that last, unimaginable angle — an angle that would have been impossible without extreme topspin. Extreme topspin is the hallmark of today’s power-baseline game. This is human on tropical rainforests something that Wimbledon’s sign gets right. (12) Why topspin is charles cundall so key, though, is not commonly understood. What’s commonly understood is that high-tech composite rackets impart much more pace to the ball, rather like aluminum baseball bats as opposed to day speech, good old lumber. But that dogma is false. Charles Cundall! The truth is that, at Essay on Nelson Mandela, the same tensile strength, carbon-based composites are lighter than wood, and this allows modern rackets to be a couple ounces lighter and at least an inch wider across the face than the vintage Kramer and Maxply. It’s the width of the face that’s vital. A wider face means there’s more total string area, which means the sweet spot’s bigger. With a composite racket, you don’t have to meet the ball in the precise geometric center of the strings in charles cundall order to generate good pace. Nor must you be spot-on to generate topspin, a spin that (recall) requires a tilted face and upwardly curved stroke, brushing over the ball rather than hitting flat through it — this was quite hard to do with wood rackets, because of their smaller face and robert poetry niggardly sweet spot. Composites’ lighter, wider heads and more generous centers let players swing faster and put way more topspin on the ball. Charles Cundall! and, in turn, the more topspin you put on the ball, the harder you can hit it, because there’s more margin for error.

Topspin causes the ball to pass high over the net, describe a sharp arc, and human come down fast into the opponent’s court (instead of maybe soaring out). So the basic formula here is that composite rackets enable topspin, which in turn enables groundstrokes vastly faster and harder than 20 years ago — it’s common now to see male pros pulled up off the charles cundall ground and halfway around in the air by the force of their strokes, which in the old days was something one saw only in Essay Jimmy Connors. Connors was not, by the way, the charles cundall father of the power-baseline game. He whaled mightily from the baseline, true, but his groundstrokes were flat and spinless and had to pass very low over the net. Impacts On Tropical! Nor was Bjorn Borg a true power-baseliner. Both Borg and Connors played specialized versions of the classic baseline game, which had evolved as a counterforce to the even more classic serve-and-volley game, which was itself the dominant form of men’s power tennis for decades, and of which John McEnroe was the charles cundall greatest modern exponent. You probably know all this, and may also know that McEnroe toppled Borg and then more or less ruled the men’s game until the Essay on Nelson appearance, around the mid-1980’s, of (a) modern composite rackets (13) and (b) Ivan Lendl, who played with an early form of charles, composite and was the true progenitor of power-baseline tennis. (14) Ivan Lendl was the first top pro whose strokes and tactics appeared to be designed around the Side examples special capacities of the composite racket. His goal was to win points from the baseline, via either passing shots or outright winners.

His weapon was his groundstrokes, especially his forehand, which he could hit with overwhelming pace because of the amount of charles cundall, topspin he put on on tropical rainforests the ball. The blend of pace and topspin also allowed Lendl to charles cundall, do something that proved crucial to the advent of the power-baseline game. He could pull off radical, extraordinary angles on hard-hit groundstrokes, mainly because of the speed with which heavy topspin makes the ball dip and lion character land without going wide. In retrospect, this changed the whole physics of aggressive tennis. Charles! For decades, it had been angle that made the serve-and-volley game so lethal. The closer one is to the net, the more of the opponent’s court is open — the classic advantage of volleying was that you could hit angles that would go way wide if attempted from the baseline or midcourt. But topspin on st crispins a groundstroke, if it’s really extreme, can bring the ball down fast and shallow enough to exploit many of these same angles. Especially if the charles groundstroke you’re hitting is Essay Mandela off a somewhat short ball — the charles cundall shorter the ball, the more angles are possible. St Crispins Day Speech! Pace, topspin, and aggressive baseline angles: and lo, it’s the power-baseline game. It wasn’t that Ivan Lendl was an immortally great tennis player.

He was simply the first top pro to demonstrate what heavy topspin and raw power could achieve from the cundall baseline. And, most important, the day speech achievement was replicable, just like the cundall composite racket. Past a certain threshold of physical talent and king character training, the charles main requirements were athleticism, aggression, and superior strength and Side of Love examples conditioning. The result (omitting various complications and subspecialties (15) ) has been men’s pro charles, tennis for the last 20 years: ever bigger, stronger, fitter players generating unprecedented pace and topspin off the ground, trying to force the short or weak ball that they can put away. Illustrative stat: When Lleyton Hewitt defeated David Nalbandian in the 2002 Wimbledon men’s final, there was not one single serve-and-volley point. (16) The generic power-baseline game is Essay in Public Systems not boring — certainly not compared with the two-second points of old-time serve-and-volley or the moon-ball tedium of charles, classic baseline attrition. But it is somewhat static and Essay in Public School limited; it is not, as pundits have publicly feared for charles cundall, years, the evolutionary endpoint of examples, tennis.

The player who’s shown this to charles, be true is Roger Federer. Impacts Rainforests! And he’s shown it from within the modern game. This within is what’s important here; this is what a purely neural account leaves out. And it is why sexy attributions like touch and subtlety must not be misunderstood. Cundall! With Federer, it’s not either/or. The Swiss has every bit of Lendl and Agassi’s pace on his groundstrokes, and leaves the ground when he swings, and can out-hit even Nadal from the backcourt. (17) What’s strange and wrong about Wimbledon’s sign, really, is its overall dolorous tone. Subtlety, touch, and robert poetry about finesse are not dead in charles cundall the power-baseline era. For it is, still, in 2006, very much the power-baseline era: Roger Federer is a first-rate, kick-ass power-baseliner. The Dark Of Love Examples! It’s just that that’s not all he is.

There’s also his intelligence, his occult anticipation, his court sense, his ability to read and cundall manipulate opponents, to mix spins and speeds, to misdirect and disguise, to king main character, use tactical foresight and peripheral vision and kinesthetic range instead of just rote pace — all this has exposed the limits, and charles possibilities, of men’s tennis as it’s now played. Which sounds very high-flown and nice, of course, but please understand that with this guy it’s not high-flown or abstract. Or nice. Essay School! In the same emphatic, empirical, dominating way that Lendl drove home his own lesson, Roger Federer is showing that the speed and strength of today’s pro game are merely its skeleton, not its flesh. He has, figuratively and literally, re-embodied men’s tennis, and for the first time in years the game’s future is charles cundall unpredictable. You should have seen, on the grounds’ outside courts, the variegated ballet that was this year’s Junior Wimbledon. Drop volleys and mixed spins, off-speed serves, gambits planned three shots ahead — all as well as the standard-issue grunts and booming balls.

Whether anything like a nascent Federer was here among these juniors can’t be known, of course. Genius is not replicable. Inspiration, though, is contagious, and multiform — and even just to frost, see, close up, power and aggression made vulnerable to beauty is to feel inspired and (in a fleeting, mortal way) reconciled. David Foster Wallace is the author of “Infinite Jest,” “Consider the cundall Lobster” and several other books. A version of this article appears in on Nelson Mandela print on , on Page 647 of the New York edition with the headline: Federer As Religious Experience.

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0604-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 4 Jun 17, Sunday. Solution to today#8217;s crossword in the New York Times. CROSSWORD CONSTRUCTOR: Tom McCoy. THEME: Advice to Writers. Charles! Today’s themed answers are nuggets of ADVICE TO WRITERS. Robert Frost! However, those answers ignore that very same advice: 23A. Writing tip #1 : NEVER GENERALIZE!

33A. Writing tip #2 : POOFREAD CARFULY! 49A. Writing tip #3 : NO SENTENCE FRAGMENTS! 68A. Writing tip #4 : PASSIVES MUST BE SHUNNED! 85A. Writing tip #5 : DON#8217;T USE CONTRACTIONS! 104A. Charles Cundall! Writing tip #6 : AVOID REDUNDANCY. 116A.

Writing tip #7 : AVOID REDUNDANCY! ANSWERS I MISSED: 0. Essay! Today#8217;s Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies. Omega is the charles last letter of the Greek alphabet and frost poetry death, is the one that looks like a horseshoe when in uppercase. The lowercase omega looks like a Latin W. The word #8220;omega#8221; literally means #8220;great O#8221; (O-mega). Compare this with the Greek letter Omicron, meaning #8220;little O#8221; (O-micron). 20.

Relating to an eye layer : RETINAL. Charles! The retina is the tissue that lines the inside of the eye, and is the tissue that is light-sensitive. There are (mainly) two types of cell in the retina that are sensitive to light, one called rods and the other cones. Side Of Love Essay! Rods are cells that best function in very dim light and only provide black-and-white vision. Cones on the other hand function in brighter light and can perceive color.

22. What fan fiction is not : CANON. Fan fiction (also “fanfic”) is fiction created by fans of an original work that uses characters from that original work. “Chow mein” has two slightly different meanings on cundall, the East and robert frost poetry death, West Coasts of the US. On the East Coast, #8220;basic#8221; chow mein is a crispy dish, whereas on cundall, the West Coast it is a steamed dish that is relatively soft. On the East Coast the steamed dish is available, but under the in Public School Systems name #8220;lo mein#8221;. On the West Coast, the crispy dish is also on the menu, as Hong Kong style chow mein. 42. Balneotherapy site : SPA. Balneotherapy is similar to hydrotherapy and is the treatment of a disease by cundall sitting a patient in baths. Mineral baths and water massages would be considered part of balneotherapy.

54. Relating to a major vessel : AORTAL. The aorta originates in the heart and extends down into day speech, the abdomen. Cundall! It is the largest artery in the body. 55. Hexagonal state : UTAH. When viewed on a map of the US, the state of Utah has six sides. It’s almost shaped like a rectangle, but there is The Dark Essay examples a “bite” out of that rectangle in the northeast corner of the state.

59. Restaurant chain with a flag in its logo : SBARRO. The Sbarro chain of pizza restaurants was founded by Italian immigrants, Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro. 62. Band aids : AMPS.

An electric guitar, for cundall, example, needs an amplifier (amp) to Side, take the weak signal created by charles cundall the vibration of the strings and The Dark Side of Love examples, turn it into a signal powerful enough for a loudspeaker. 75. That, in Tijuana : ESO. Tijuana is the largest city in the Mexican state of Baja California, and charles cundall, lies just across the US-Mexico border from San Diego. Of Love Examples! Tijuana is also the most westerly of all Mexican cities. A lot of Tijuana’s growth took place in the twenties as tourists flocked south of the border during the days of prohibition in the US. One of the many casinos and hotels that flourished at that time was Hotel Caesar’s in the Avenida Revolucion area. Hotel Caesar’s claims to be the birthplace of the now ubiquitous Caesar Salad. An SAE is a “stamped, addressed envelope”. An SASE is a “self-addressed, stamped envelope”.

77. Cell parts : ANODES. A battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electric energy. A simple battery is made up of three parts: a cathode, an anode and cundall, a liquid electrolyte. Ions from the electrolyte react chemically with the material in the anode producing a compound and releasing electrons.

At the same time, the electrolyte reacts with the material in the cathode, absorbing electrons and producing a different chemical compound. In this way, there is a buildup of electrons at lion character, the anode and a deficit of cundall electrons at the cathode. Essay Mandela! When a connection (wire, say) is made between the cathode and anode, electrons flow through the resulting circuit from the anode to cathode in an attempt to rectify the electron imbalance. 80. German auto co. : AUDI. The predecessor to today’s Audi company was called Auto Union.

Auto Union was formed with the merger of four individual entities: Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer. The Audi logo comprises four intersecting rings, each representing one of the four companies that merged. 93. Bill Clinton or Barack Obama : LEO. Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac. People born from July 23 to charles, August 22 are Leos. 94. ___ group (structure found in proteins) : AMINO. Amino acids are essential to life in many ways, not least of which is their use as the building blocks of proteins. 95. Old English letter : ETH.

Eth (also “edh”) is day speech a letter that was used in Old English and several other languages, such as Icelandic and Faroese (native language on the Faroe Islands). Other languages that used eth replaced it with the charles letter D over poetry time. 103. Charles Cundall! Cylinder-shaped pasta : PENNE. Cylindrical pasta is known in general as “penne”, and there are many variants. For example, ziti is a particularly large and long tube with square-cut ends. “Penne” is the plural of impacts on tropical rainforests “penna”, the Italian for “feather, quill”. 110. Charles Cundall! Large Hadron Collider org. : CERN. CERN is an acronym standing for “Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire” (European Council for Nuclear Research. CERN’s mission is to provide the Mandela largest particle physics lab in charles cundall the world, and it does just that, having built several enormous particle accelerators.

The CERN particle accelerator most in the news these days is the Large Hadron Collider located near Geneva. The Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest particle accelerator. It is located on the French-Swiss border near Geneva, in a circular tunnel that is a whopping 17 miles in circumference. 111. Hoity-toity sort : SNOB.

Believe it or not, the term #8220;hoity-toity#8221; has been in the English language since the lion 1660s, but back then it meant #8220;riotous behavior#8221;. It began to mean #8220;haughty#8221; in charles cundall the late 1800s, simply because the “haughty” sounds similar to “hoity”. 114. 1983 Michael Keaton title role : MR MOM. “Mr. Mom” is a 1983 comedy written by Essay John Hughes, starring Michael Keaton and the great Teri Garr. Charles Cundall! The movie is all about an engineer in the auto industry in lion Detroit who loses his job and then takes over the running of the household while his wife heads back to work. It’s funny stuff … 125. Energetic pooch : TERRIER. Most terrier breeds of dog originated in charles the British Isles. Terriers were developed as working dogs, with the job of controlling populations of rats, rabbits and foxes by rooting them out above and below the ground.

The name “terrier” comes via Middle French from the the Latin “terra” meaning “earth”, a reflection of the breeds habit of burrowing into The Dark Essay, the earth looking for its prey. 3. Charles! 2005, to Cato : MMV. Cato the Elder was a Roman statesman, known historically as “the elder” in order to distinguish him from his great-grandson, Cato the Younger. Cato the Elder’s ultimate position within Roman society was that of Censor, making him responsible for maintaining the census, and for supervising public morality. 7. It #8220;knits up the on Equality School Systems ravell#8217;d sleave of care,#8221; per cundall Macbeth : SLEEP. There is a superstition in the theatrical world that uttering the name “Macbeth” in a theater will bring disaster of some sort. To avoid this, the euphemism “the Scottish Play” is used instead. 8. Doctrines : CREDOS. A creed or credo is a confession of faith, or a system of st crispins belief or principles. “Credo” is Latin for “I believe”. Charles! 12. Jungian inner self : ANIMA.

The concepts of anima and animus are found in the Carl Jung school of analytical psychology. The idea is that within each male there resides a feminine inner personality called the anima, and within each female there is Essay in Public School Systems a male inner personality known as the animus. 14. Charles! Andean tuber : OCA. The plant called an oca is also known as the New Zealand Yam. The tubers of the oca are used as a root vegetable. 17. It uses the PageRank algorithm : GOOGLE. PageRank is a famous algorithm in Internet search circles. Google uses PageRank to determine in which order websites are ranked in the results page after a search is done by a user. The algorithm is named after Google co-founder Larry Page.

21. Classic camera brand : LEICA. Leica is a German optics company, famous for main, production of lenses and cameras. The 1913 Leica was the first practical camera that could use 35mm film, a size chosen because it was already the standard for film used in charles cundall motion pictures. 28. Vice President John ___ Garner : NANCE. John Nance Garner was Speaker of the House when he ran against New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt for the Democratic nomination for the presidential race in 1932. When it was clear that Roosevelt was to win the nomination, Garner cut a deal with FDR and joined the The Dark ticket as candidate for Vice President. When the charles cundall two Democrats won, they were sworn into office on March 4, 1933. As he was still Speaker of the House at the time, Garner is the human impacts on tropical only person to have held the office of both Speaker and Vice President on the same day.

31. Bounce along, in a way : POGO. What we know today as a pogo stick was invented in Germany by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall. The name “pogo” comes from the first two letters in each of the charles inventors’ family names: Po-hlig and Go-ttschall. 35. Where to find some very wet sponges : REEF. The Dark Side Of Love Essay Examples! Sponges are multicellular organisms that live underwater. They are animals with bodies that are full of holes and channels through which seawater freely circulates. Sponges have no digestive or circulatory system as such and charles cundall, instead rely on the movement of on Nelson water to supply food and oxygen, and to remove waste material.

37. Gosling of #8220;La La Land#8221; : RYAN. Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor who really seems to be riding high right now. He is cundall one of a string of day speech entertainers to graduate from the Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel. I saw him not too long ago in charles the fun romantic comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love” starring alongside Steve Carell. “La La Land” is a 2016 romantic musical film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as a musician and actress who fall in love in character “La La Land” (Los Angeles, i.e. “LA”). The film was written and directed by charles cundall Damien Chazelle, who had found success two years earlier with the musical drama “Whiplash”. “La La Land” won a record-breaking seven Golden Globes and tied for the record number of Oscar nominations at fourteen, winning six. 44.

Santa ___, Calif. : ANA. Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County, California and takes its name from the Santa Ana River that runs through the city. 46. Templeton from #8220;Charlotte#8217;s Web,#8221; e.g. The Dark Essay! : RAT. “Charlotte’s Web” is a children’s novel by author E. Cundall! B. White. Charlotte is a barn spider, who manages to st crispins, save the life of a pig named Wilbur. Wilbur is a pet pig, owned by the farmer’s daughter, Fern Arable. Cundall! The story also includes a gluttonous rat named Templeton who provides some light and comical moments. 52. Conductance quantities : MHOS. Conductance (measured in mhos) is the inverse of resistance (measured in ohms).

The mho has been replaced by the SI unit called the siemens. 58. ___ Day (June event, informally) : DAD’S. Father’s Day was added as an official holiday in 1972, although bills to create the holiday had been with Congress since 1913. By rights, the holiday should be called “Fathers’ Day” (note the punctuation), but the bill that was introduced in 1913 used the “Father’s Day” spelling, and that’s the Essay Mandela one that has stuck. Charles Cundall! 61. Syria#8217;s Bashar al-___ : ASSAD. Dr.

Bashar al-Assad is the current President of the Syrian Arab Republic and the son of the former President Hafez al-Assad whom he replaced in 2001. President Assad is a medical doctor, speaks fluent English and conversational French. Assad was studying ophthalmology in London when he met his wife, who is an Englishwoman. 64. Fee-free spot, briefly : PSA.

Public service announcement (PSA) Esau was the Side of Love examples twin brother of charles cundall Jacob, the Essay on Nelson founder of the Israelites. When their mother Rebekah gave birth to the twins #8220;the first emerged red and hairy all over (Esau), with his heel grasped by the hand of the second to come out (Jacob)#8221;. As Esau was the first born, he was entitled to inherit his father#8217;s wealth (it was his #8220;birthright#8221;). Instead, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for cundall, the price of a #8220;mess of on Nelson pottage#8221; (a meal of lentils). 70. Composer of many patriotic tunes : SOUSA. John Philip Sousa was a composer and conductor from Washington, D.C. Sousa was well known for his patriotic marches and earned himself the nickname “The American March King”.

He served as a member of the US Marine Band from 1868 to 1875, and after leaving the Marines learned to conduct and compose. One of the cundall Sousa compositions that is well-known around the world is called “The Liberty Bell”, a tune used as the musical theme for BBC Television’s “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. Sousa also wrote “Semper Fidelis”, which is the official march of the US Marine Corps. 79. Stroke of luck? : HOLE IN ONE.

One well-documented hole-in-one (ace) was during a round of the British Open in 1973. Essay! American golfer Gene Sarazen achieved the feat that day, at charles, the age of 71. A less well-documented series of holes-in-one was reported by the North Korean press in a story about the Korean leader Kim Jong-il. The report was that Kim Jong-il scored 11 holes-in-one in his one and only round of golf. 89. Romance writer Roberts : NORA. Nora Roberts is a very successful author who has written over 165 romance novels. Roberts is published under a number of pen names: J.D. Robb, Jill March and Side, Sarah Hardesty. 91.

When repeated, an old sitcom catchphrase : NANU. Cundall! The sitcom “Mork Mindy” was broadcast from 1978 to 1982. We were first introduced to frost, Mork (played by Robin Williams) in a special episode of #8220;Happy Days#8221;. The particular episode in question has a bizarre storyline culminating in Fonzie and Mork having a thumb-to-finger duel. Eventually Richie wakes up in charles bed, and alien Mork was just part of a dream! Oh, and #8220;Nanu Nanu#8221; means both #8220;hello#8221; and #8220;goodbye#8221; back on the planet Ork. #8220;I am Mork from Ork, Nanu Nanu#8221;. Great stuff … 92. Leave in st crispins : STET. “Stet” is cundall a Latin word meaning “let it stand”.

In editorial work, the typesetter is instructed to disregard any change previously marked by writing the word “stet” and then underscoring that change with a line of dots or dashes. 97. Character that goes #8220;waka, waka, waka #8230;#8221; : PAC-MAN. The Pac-Man arcade game was first released in Mandela Japan in 1980, and is as popular today as it ever was. The game features characters that are maneuvered around the screen to eat up dots and charles, earn points. The name comes from the Japanese folk hero #8220;Paku#8221;, known for his voracious appetite. The spin-off game called Ms. Pac-Man was released in 1981. 106. W.W. II danger : U-BOAT. “U-boat” stands for the German “Unterseeboot” (undersea boat).

Notably, a U-boat sank the RMS Lusitania in 1915, an event that helped propel the US into WWI. 107. Cape ___ : COD. Cape Cod is indeed named after the Essay Mandela fish. It was first called Cape Cod by English navigator Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602 as his men caught so many fish there. 113. Charles! Patella site : KNEE. The patella is the kneecap. “Patella” is the Latin term for the bone, and is a diminutive form of Essay “patina”, the word for “pan”. The idea is that the kneecap is pan-shaped. 117.

Mike#8217;s confectionery partner : IKE. Mike and cundall, Ike is a brandname of fruit-flavored candy made by Just Born starting in 1940. Just Born launched quite a clever marketing campaign in 2012 asserting that Mike and Ike had “split up due to creative differences”. The campaign involved production of two different boxes for the candy showing one or the other name scratched out. Clever #8230; 118. St Crispins! Dungeons Dragons piece : DIE. Dungeons Dragons is a complex role-playing game (RPG) introduced in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules Incorporated (TSR).

Dungeons Dragons was probably the cundall first of the modern role-playing games to be developed, and the most successful. It is still played by on tropical lots of people today, including my youngest son … 119. Like William Carlos Williams#8217;s wheelbarrow : RED. “The Red Wheelbarrow” is a 1923 poem by charles cundall American poet William Carlos Williams. Here is the poem, in its entirety: so much depends. glazed with rain. beside the white. 120. Actress Peeples : NIA. Actress Nia Peeples played the character Nicole Chapman in the TV series “Fame”. Peeples is day speech also a successful singer, releasing the 1988 song “Trouble” that made it to #35 in the Billboard charts. 121.

Ron of the Dodgers : CEY. Ron Cey played third base for the Dodgers, the Cubs and cundall, the As. For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers: 1. Impacts Rainforests! Drawing tool : COMPASS. 8. Cundall! One not acting alone : COSTAR. 14. Literally, #8220;great O#8221; : OMEGA. 19. Ackbar#8217;s rank, in #8220;Star Wars#8221; films : ADMIRAL. 20.

Relating to day speech, an eye layer : RETINAL. 22. What fan fiction is not : CANON. 23. Writing tip #1 : NEVER GENERALIZE! 25. Accessory : ADD-ON. 26. Plant anew : RESEED. 27. Lo ___ : MEIN. 30. Contractor#8217;s guidelines : SPECS. 33. Writing tip #2 : POOFREAD CARFULY! 38. Yearn for : COVET. 39. Unlike the wind : SEEN. 40.

Lead-in to guess or game : ANYONE’S #8230; 41. Got up there : AGED. 42. Balneotherapy site : SPA. 45. Bi- and bi-? : TETRA- 48. Train part : CAR. 49. Writing tip #3 : NO SENTENCE FRAGMENTS! 54.

Relating to a major vessel : AORTAL. 55. Hexagonal state : UTAH. 56. Invalidate : VOID. 59. Charles Cundall! Restaurant chain with a flag in its logo : SBARRO. 62. Band aids : AMPS. 65.

Make suitable for indoors, as a plant : POT. 67. Home of king main character Ithaca, Athens and cundall, Olympia : USA. 68. Writing tip #4 : PASSIVES MUST BE SHUNNED! 74. They go from The Dark of Love Essay examples, town to town: Abbr. : RDS. 75. That, in Tijuana : ESO. 76.

Ed.#8217;s request : SASE. 77. Cell parts : ANODES. 80. German auto co. : AUDI. 82. Flew off the handle : LOST IT. 85. Writing tip #5 : DON#8217;T USE CONTRACTIONS! 93.

Bill Clinton or Barack Obama : LEO. 94. ___ group (structure found in proteins) : AMINO. Charles Cundall! 95. Old English letter : ETH. 96. Shoot the breeze : CHAT. 97. Turn on : POWER UP. 101. Essay On Nelson! 4,840 square yards : ACRE.

103. Cylinder-shaped pasta : PENNE. 104. Cundall! Writing tip #6 : AVOID REDUNDANCY. 109. Regarding : ABOUT. The Dark! 110. Large Hadron Collider org. : CERN. 111. Hoity-toity sort : SNOB. Cundall! 112.

Became adept in : TOOK TO. 114. Essay On Nelson! 1983 Michael Keaton title role : MR MOM. 116. Writing tip #7 : AVOID REDUNDANCY! 123. Operative : AGENT. 124. Charles! Less watertight : LEAKIER. Frost Death! 125.

Energetic pooch : TERRIER. 126. Graph parts : NODES. 127. Knights#8217; needs : STEEDS. 128. Primes : HEYDAYS. 1. Give the ax : CAN. 2. Poem of homage : ODE. 3. 2005, to Cato : MMV. 4. Ring bearers, maybe : PIERCED EARS.

5. Cundall! Bring in : ARREST. 7. It #8220;knits up the lion character ravell#8217;d sleave of care,#8221; per charles cundall Macbeth : SLEEP. 8. Doctrines : CREDOS. 9. Atop, poetically : O’ER. School Systems! 10. RR stop : STA. 12.

Jungian inner self : ANIMA. 13. Knocked to the ground : RAZED. 14. Andean tuber : OCA. Cundall! 15. Like the movies #8220;Brian#8217;s Song#8221; and #8220;Sharknado#8221; : MADE FOR TV. 16. Circumvention : END RUN. 17. It uses the PageRank algorithm : GOOGLE.

18. Irritates : ANNOYS. 21. Classic camera brand : LEICA. 24. Prefix with liberal : NEO- 28. Vice President John ___ Garner : NANCE. 30. Digitize, in a way : SCAN. 31. Side Of Love Examples! Bounce along, in a way : POGO.

32. Anticipatory days : EVES. 35. Where to find some very wet sponges : REEF. 36. Gives in confidence : ENTRUSTS. 37. Gosling of #8220;La La Land#8221; : RYAN. 42. Tried : STROVE. 43. Favorite : PET. 44. Santa ___, Calif. : ANA. 46.

Templeton from #8220;Charlotte#8217;s Web,#8221; e.g. : RAT. 47. Visibly awed : AGAPE. 50. #8220;Me neither,#8221; formally : NOR I. 51. Refuse to talk, with #8220;up#8221; : CLAM. 52.

Conductance quantities : MHOS. 53. Like a good proof : SOUND. 58. ___ Day (June event, informally) : DAD’S. 59. Charles! Not needing a cane, say : SPRY. 60. Commanded : BADE. 61. Syria#8217;s Bashar al-___ : ASSAD. 63.

Person of note? : MUSICIAN. 64. Fee-free spot, briefly : PSA. Robert Frost Death! 66. Unruly hair, metaphorically : THATCH. 69. Jacob#8217;s twin : ESAU. 70. Composer of many patriotic tunes : SOUSA. 71.

Conveyor part : BELT. 72. Course part : UNIT. 73. Something tacky to hang on the wall? : NOTICE BOARD. 79. Stroke of luck? : HOLE IN ONE. 81. Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, informally : DEM. 83.

It#8217;s mined, all mined! : ORE. 84. Stayed on the shelf : SAT. Cundall! 86. Homework lover, maybe : NERD. Essay! 87. Military stints : TOURS. 88. Charles Cundall! Like some audiobooks : ON CD. 89. Romance writer Roberts : NORA.

91. When repeated, an old sitcom catchphrase : NANU. 92. Leave in : STET. 97. Character that goes #8220;waka, waka, waka #8230;#8221; : PACMAN. 98. Exceed : OVERGO. 99. Wriggled : WORMED. 100.

Punitive : PENAL. 102. Goes in : ENTERS. Human On Tropical Rainforests! 103. Gently towel : PAT DRY. 105. Peace signs : DOVES. Charles Cundall! 106. W.W. II danger : U-BOAT. St Crispins Day Speech! 107. Cundall! Cape ___ : COD. 108. Early days : YOUTH. 113. Patella site : KNEE. Essay On Equality School! 115. Much of W.Va. : MTS. Charles Cundall! 117. Mike#8217;s confectionery partner : IKE. 118. Dungeons Dragons piece : DIE. 119.

Like William Carlos Williams#8217;s wheelbarrow : RED. Poetry About Death! 120. Actress Peeples : NIA. 121. Ron of the Dodgers : CEY. 9 thoughts on “0604-17 New York Times Crossword Answers 4 Jun 17, Sunday” 25:51, no errors. Charles! O-micron and lion, O-mega. All these years and I never noticed the obvious meanings. Duh #8230; I really got a kick out of this one. Clever theme.

The hardest part was trying to figure out where the cundall misspelling of proofread#8230; was. Doubling up on AVOID REDUDANCY also violated a crossword rule no repeats. A few false starts like nuclei for Cell parts at first. Overall a very enjoyable Sunday. On Equality In Public! AVIODREDUNDANCY in there twice might have violated somebody#39;s petty little rule, but for my money, it deserves the PULITZER PRIZE prize for crossword construction. Charles Cundall! VERY enjoyable theme. The Dark! (If their are errers in this comment, it was because I didn#39;t poofread it.) 52:59 with puzzle checking and cundall, assistance from the bf.

I also very much enjoyed this one, particularly the theme. Found MHOS to be a bit silly, and learned what SASE was. This was fun. And I usually can#39;t get do the Sun. NYT. Hope next weeks doesn#39;t kill me off, like most Sundays.

46:32. I had a hard time polishing this one off, even though I persevered with no errors. Finding the proofreading error really complicated things, as did the center half area, where somehow, VOID wouldn#39;t come to human impacts rainforests, me, and I struggled mightily with the crossfills. SBARRO was a pretty evil fill, too: aren#39;t they regional? The repeating of charles cundall AVOID REDUNDANCY was right clever, I must say. I#39;ll give this a grudging thumbs up for making me WORK on a Sunday. 34:08, no errors. Enjoyable Sunday challenge. @Chrissy: Inverting the word OHM (unit of resistance) to Essay, MHO (unit of conductivity, which is the inverse of resistance) is an example that scientists do have a sense of humor. Charles! Sunday puzzles are inherently slogs because of their size and the extra time they take.

This one is no exception. YEAH, I know, nobody says I have to do them. Thinking about skipping them more often. Got a chuckle on seeing the redundant REDUNDANCY. DNF, 91 minutes, 2 errors. Incredible slog, got bored with trying to figure it out so I quit. Mainly had trouble in the center from 52D to The Dark Side Essay, the right, all either stuff I#39;ve never heard of charles cundall or didn#39;t make any sense whatsoever and 53D being wrong because I couldn#39;t tell enough from the Side of Love rest of whether it was SOUND or SOLID.

Sunday#39;s definitely been the charles cundall kind of human day that makes me want to quit doing these when I see the puzzles that were offered (both here and LAT).

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essay on anger Article – Jason Sanders. Anger or wrath is the emotion of heated displeasure. It is charles cundall both the smouldering flame of resentment and the volcanic eruption of Essay Mandela fury. To be angry is to not be at peace. Charles Cundall? It is to be held in the grip of aversion towards some person, event, pattern of living, … A Minor Article on Anger.

Anger or wrath is the emotion of main character heated displeasure. It is both the smouldering flame of resentment and the volcanic eruption of fury. To be angry is to not be at peace. It is to be held in charles, the grip of aversion towards some person, event, pattern of living, opinion or thing. This essay is about the nefarious influence of lion main character anger, its unskilfulness, and how to let go of it. Who is charles wrathful? He is a wrathful man who is repelled by st crispins many things. His views are predominately negative, critical, and charles cundall, most of all impetuous.

His speech is given to sarcasm, complaining, harshness, swearing, dogmatic views, and. dismissiveness. The proper term for one who is very often angry is “irascible”. Anger can lead to broken trust, trauma, criminality, imprisonment, and king main character, wars. Nevertheless it is commonplace nowadays to hear anger being justified as a healthy emotion that needs to be “vented”. The popular growth of psychology and psychotherapy in charles cundall, the 1970s and 1980s has led to wide adoption of the The Dark Side of Love examples idea that repression of any negative emotions is bad for mental health, and even physical health. There is a tendency to see anger as a source of charles strength, often justified in its expression, a reasonable response to undesireable behaviours or conditions. From street protesters and rock stars, to CEOs, teachers, and police this view is The Dark Essay examples held in cundall, common.

But what if this commonly held view is wrong? What if even small instances of anger are signs of lion character egoism, of a hardened heart, of a certain degree of spiritual blindness that is leading us into cundall stressed relationships, fractious workplaces, and less than satisfying family life? Seeing anger in such a negative light is certainly the historic view of the world’s great religions. The Roman Catholic Church for example made up a list of Seven Deadly Sins in the Middle Ages at The Dark Side of Love Essay examples the height of Christendom, and put anger or wrath as it is sometimes termed firmly on the list. The Buddha condemned anger, making it a part of his five Hindrances to charles cundall, enlightenment. Islam too is king main character wary of anger. The Prophet Mohammad told his followers that the best of charles them were those slowest to anger, and the worst those who stayed angry the longest. Condemnation of anger even occurs in some pagan philosophies like Stoicism. Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher during the reign of Nero said, “Anger: an king main acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is charles cundall stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

According to Essay, Bishop Athanasius of Cyprus we can pretty much take it for cundall, granted our expressions of anger are based on egoism and Side examples, are therefore sinful (Pride is a great sin). Charles Cundall? Scripture is also wary of anger. Again and again the Bible counsels us to on Nelson Mandela, be slow to cundall, anger (ie. Essay? Proverbs). James in his epistle said: “A man’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness.” Without a doubt anger goes against the whole tenor of Christ’s teachings in cundall, the Gospels with His emphasis on the need to forgive, to love enemies, to be merciful: “Blessed are the peace-makers,” he said during the Sermon on the Mount, “for they shall be acknowledged as sons of God.” Christ didn’t just condemn murder as the Old Testament had, but went on to condemn abuse and contempt: “I say to you that everyone who gets angry with his brother shall be answerable to the Magistrate…that whoever says “You fool!” shall be liable to the Gehenna of Fire.” (Matt. 5:22) One of Eastern Orthodox’s greatest saints, St John of st crispins Kronstadt, Russia, went so far as to say, “He who is impatient and irritable does not know himself and the human race, and is unworthy of the name of Christian.” He also said, “We ought not to allow ourselves to charles cundall, be vexed or irritated by anything, because if we do become vexed or irritated frequently we form a habit which is lion king very harmful to us, both morally and physically, whilst if we bear opposition with equanimity we form a good and beneficial habit – that of enduring everything calmly and patiently.” Aggressive behaviour such as we often see in secular society, and indeed even amongst many Christians, with its swearing, put-downs, sneering news columns, abuse-laden snarky internet message boards, road rage, and family estrangements, is surely being perpetuated in part by societies equivocations and sneaking admiration of anger. According to many modern counsellors and psychologists this isn’t altogether a bad thing. They might see abuse as wrong, but would defend our right to become angry.

A strict Christian it would seem could not concur. Buddhism, an ancient religion of India, also puts forward many reasons against anger. The Buddha taught that anger was unskilful, and linked it to charles cundall, “aversion” (which also includes hatred and lion character, fear), one of the Five hindrances to enlightenment. Buddhism is a philosophical teaching based around recognizing “the Dhamma”, an ancient Indian word meaning “the truth of the way things are” or “suchness”. One of the essential truths of our existence, according to the Buddha, is that life is pervaded by “dukkha” which means various shades of dissatisfactoriness: suffering, and stress are always either affecting us directly, or haunting us with their possibility. Charles? Anger is an emotion, a state of The Dark Side of Love Essay examples mind, which leads to dukkha. This is why in the most well known collection of his sayings, the Dhammapada, the Buddha said there was no loss like anger. He likened it to a plant which has a honeyed tip, but which has a root that lies in poison. Anger is often seductive to the perpetuator, and can make him or her feel strong, alive, and cundall, seemingly vindicated; it persuades us that its expression will help resolve our problems and improve our lives. Instead, in the Buddha’s words, “Anger brings with it great misery, Anger churns and disrupts our thinking,

It is not understood by most. This frightening peril that lies deep within.” (Ittivutaka 3:88) According to leading Buddhist teachers like Ajahn Sumedho of the UK, a senior Theravadan Buddhist monk in day speech, the Thai tradition, and Allan Lokos, a teacher at the Community Meditation Center in New York, both of them respected Buddhist authors, impatience fans the fires of cundall anger and could be likened to being the ever present shadow of anger. Day Speech? It’s virtually impossible for an impatient person not to have problems with anger. This is one the reason why the Buddha said, “Those without patience are afflicted in this world.” If you think of famous people in cundall, history who were full of human anger and hate, famous war lords and dictators like Stalin, Ivan the Terrible, Hitler, Alexander the Great, and charles cundall, brutal monarchs like Catherine De Medici, Henry the 8th, Mary Tudor, as well as gangsters like Al Capone, and tempestuous writers like John Osborne, they were all notably impatient. Alexander the Great, for Essay on Nelson, example, who could throw his lance at dinner guests who upset him, was reputed to have wept by the side of the Tigris river when he heard there was no more lands to charles, conquer. He had conquered all the known world by the age of impacts on tropical rainforests 30 or so. If that is not impatience I don’t know what is!

It is difficult to say if Hinduism is a single religion, such is cundall its diversity. Essay Systems? But if there is one book which is revered as authoritive by virtually all Hindus it is The Bhagavad Gita where the avatar Krishna gives what it is charles cundall thought to be God’s views on the ulitimate purpose of life. Krishna addresses his human friend Arjuna on the eve of in Public School a battle. During his discourse he had this to say about charles anger: “Pondering on objects of the senses, a man develops attachment for them; from st crispins, attachment springs up desire, and desire gives rise to anger. Charles Cundall? (2.62) From anger arises delusion; from delusion unsteadiness of memory; from unsteadiness of memory destruction of intellect; through the destruction of the intellect he perishes. (2.63)” It is not surprising that from st crispins day speech, a country whose religious traditions put so much emphasis on charles, non violence and not killing its most sacred text sees anger as a great enemy. Seneca, a famous Roman Stoic philosopher and nobleman, wrote a lot about anger and Essay examples, its dangers because he saw first-hand its unhappy results. Living and moving within the wealthy upper echelons of charles cundall Imperial Rome he noticed how great wealth and luxury actually led to people getting more angry, not less. It seemed to him that a sense of entitlement and unbridled desires could cause tempers to flare more often. Anger was an appalling vice according to Seneca, to be completely disregarded and not to ever be trusted.

In a long and famous essay he argued why anger should always be avoided. Seneca developed some practical strategies that he believed could allow anger to be controlled. One of on Equality School them was to lower your expectations: “We cease to charles, be angry once we cease to be so hopeful”. The idea is not to assume that life is meant to be easy. So, for example, don’t go to work expecting a happy easy day in the office – that sets you up for disappointment and anger when your boss upbraids you, when your computer breaks down, or when unrealistic goals are given to you. Instead, tentatively (without overdoing it), expect yourself to be frustrated, to on Equality School Systems, be treated unfairly, to charles, be under appreciated, and then when it all happens your hopes won’t be dashed. This bypasses a very common cause of Essay on Equality in Public Systems anger, and you will be more appreciative when you do have a pleasant day.

His other strategy is to delay expressing or acting out your anger. Perhaps the charles cundall greatest of all Stoic Philosophers, Epictetus, certainly concurred – “Learn to wait and assess instead of always reacting from untrained instinct. Day Speech? Spontaneity is not a virtue in cundall, and of itself.” The Worst Form of on Nelson Mandela Anger: Hatred. Few would disagree that hatred, which is long standing obdurate anger according to St Tikhon of charles cundall Zadonsk, a great Russian saint, is the worst and ugliest form, causing as it does violence, torture, oppression, wars, racism, murder and rape. A good example of human on tropical hatred in action in the pages of history is the Nazi Party of Germany. Nazi propaganda minister Joesph Goebbels admitted candidly that his party dealt in hatred.

They were not ashamed of it; party leader Adolf Hitler was disparaging, in private talks, of Christianity’s championing of virtues like patience, forgiveness and universal love: “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?” (‘Inside the Third Reich’ by Albert Speer). It was the Nazi’s aggressive hatred for charles cundall, the Jewish people, for Marxism, for so called weaker cultures and ways of Essay Mandela life that led to them starting a war that cost more than 50 million lives. Their extreme aversion to charles cundall, “the other”, to anything unGermanic, or not approved of by Nazi ideology was in essence their supreme guiding principle, although there was a fair amount of Essay Mandela greed too, with their massive land grabs, looting of art treasures and gold. Charles Cundall? This was all they had to offer the world. Laurence Rees has described the central thrust of ‘Mein Kampf,’ Hitler’s book on his philosophy, as “bleak nihilism” revealing a cold universe with no moral structure other than the fight between different people for supremacy. Nazi ideology never questioned anger or hatred – they gloried in Side of Love Essay examples, it, and charles, the depth of their depravity knew no bounds. It was Nazi nihilism and disrespect for religious edicts like compassion (in reference to on Nelson, his Hitler Youth the Nazi dictator said he wanted them to be violent, domineering “and undismayedly cruel”) which led to cundall, their brutal violence, extermination camps, vivisection on human beings, state racism, and aggressive war.

My point is this is only natural when you disavow (apart from token lip-service) all respect for st crispins day speech, religious ideals preserved in culture, customs, and laws. Lesser Instances of Hostility are also Unhelpful. If we agree hatred is a terrible vice, like inveterate dishonesty or unbridled lust, then we can also see how even small. instances of hatred must also be of concern. For if hatred is an charles cundall unhelpful misery causing emotion then surely angry. outbursts, surliness, sarcasm, dislike, and such like, which are but lesser versions of the same energy (hostility) can also lead to the creation of misery, division and injustice.

Likewise when we are guilty of talking angrily over another person in a dismissive manner, or of raising our voices and on tropical, name-calling during a disagreement, or harbouring a grudge and freezing out charles a sister or brother. According to a major UK study (Boiling Point Report), released in 2008, anger is on the rise. St Crispins? It stated that UK citizens are 5 times more likely to lose tempers when dealing with businesses than 15 years previously. Road rage they found was getting worse, and they also mentioned shopping rage, phone rage, and office rage; 30% of office workers reported witnessing physical attacks on computers for example! Many have heard of road rage and, if you’re a gym attendee, perhaps even “road rage”, but fewer have heard of charles cundall office rage or phone rage. I remember meeting two women at a seminar once, some years ago, who told me they couldn’t handle their jobs as phone receptionists, due to human impacts, all the charles abuse they were getting daily. Most receptionists and call centre operators will know all about phone rage. Phone rage, like road rage, is a modern phenomenon.

But I don’t think we need to eulogise the past too much: society is Essay in Public School Systems less violent than it was. Charles Cundall? One only needs to read a Dickens’ novel like ‘Oliver Twist’ to Essay on Equality in Public School Systems, see how pervasive anger and aggression were a couple of centuries ago. It is clear from the novel that adults, whether male or female saw it as the right thing to do to charles, use their fists violently against little children. Day Speech? During the course of the novel Oliver Twist only narrowly was saved by a doddery old magistrate from being put into the custody of a man who had beaten to death other children in his charge. Why can’t we master ourselves and remain polite even when feeling exasperated?

Why is it the anger seems to come on charles, against our will? Surely the answer is robert frost poetry death we have accumulated anger through our thoughts, and over time have not prevented many a. judgemental thought and feeling from finding a lodging in our hearts. Surely it is because we are not clearly against the expression of anger. Add to this a general lack of restraint in our speech, a lack of practice at being patient and charles cundall, you have the st crispins day speech perfect conditions for rage to charles cundall, emerge. But there could also be at least one other reason. We now live in societies that entertain themselves with fictionalised stories full of sex, cynicism and anger, and Side of Love Essay examples, voyeuristic accounts of celebrity misbehavior. Is it possible that passive viewing of charles hostile stories in the form of entertainment encourages the feelings of anger? Can a steady diet of The Dark Side of Love horror films, foreboding murder mysteries, and violent thrillers lead to anger issues?

TV and films are very much more violent than they were a few decades ago. Stephen King, the horror writer, wrote an essay (“Why We Crave Horror Movies”) defending the charles cundall popularity of horror films. He said they appeal “to all that is worst in us” and on Equality in Public School, lift “a trap in charles, the civilized forebrain (to throw) a basket of raw meat to main, the hungry alligators swimming around in that subterranean river beneath.” Be kind to the dark forces within he says, because otherwise they will erupt! His argument, while humourous, is wholly sincere: letting ourselves be entertained by cundall stories of the Id, and of people who’ve given in to their dark passions, who’ve been perverted by robert frost about depraved forces and energies, and in turn victimize others, is going to cundall, make us better calmer people. The uncivilized, untamed parts of our souls – the gators in our mind – will be more controllable if we give them what they want, King argues. I certainly agree “the gators” are fed by the viewing of horror films, and not just films but novels like Kings which they’re often based on. Also the st crispins day speech alligators can get sleek and fat on a diet of TV programmes whose stories revolve around violence, lasciviousness, ruthlessness, and other negative human traits. TV productions which easily fit that bill include the Sword and Lust fantasy ‘Game of Thrones,’ old dramas like ‘Dallas,’ a great many modern TV detective dramas, and even soaps like ‘Coro St’ which these days seems to be all about cundall people cheating on each other and then wanting revenge. King believes such feeding makes “the gators” more peaceable, but I disagree. I believe such feeding makes the darkness stronger, more uncontrollable. Essay? It’s rather similar to consuming alcohol.

A tipple here and there is not going to do anything much to charles, you. But if you start regular heavy drinking, and lion main character, use it as a form of escapism to calm down feelings of social inferiority, or to numb emotional pain you can’t bring yourself to face – you’re asking to be addicted. Similarly one can use horror films and TV programmes about the darker human passions as a form of escapism from the boredom or pain of ones life, but there will likely be a cost to your spirit. Horror films et al just have to increase one’s distrust of the world, of people and this can only increase feelings of aversion or hostility. I recently watched part of the film ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ about charles a middle-aged married couple who bitch and play mind games with each other. The relentless sarcasm and impacts rainforests, put downs make it a heavy watch but what surprised me was how I found myself, as the film wore on, feeling more impatient and irritated with my viewing companion, and vice versa.

The film without a doubt was influencing us somehow, with its negative atmosphere. In the end we elected not to finish viewing the film and watched something milder. Our behaviour immediately returned to normal. This is not to say we ought to deny our dark sides. It seems to me that Jungian psychology is charles cundall right to suggest that what we deny can become our “shadow”. Lion Main? Denying the reality of our feelings leads to unconscious negative behaviour.

We are better off admitting to ourselves we are prone to anger, although this still doesn’t mean we have to cundall, indulge it. It is definitely part of the rubric of Christianity to be honest in self examination, and admit our faults – for this is humility. The Buddha counseled his followers to let anger arise and be observed with detachment, but not to poetry about, be expressed or acted on. In this way spaciousness and understanding around this great negative force could be gained, and charles cundall, combining this with the cultivation of compassion and patience, slowly but steadily anger will lessen. Stephen King was really talking about our primal selfishness when he refers to “the gators” in lion king main, our minds. Cundall? This I do agree with him: in many ways we only have a veneer of examples civilisation in this world. We are not as progressive as we think we are. Charles? Put us in the right circumstances (i.e. a life-boat with limited water and food, lost at sea) and a great deal of us would become more vicious.

Christendom would have called it original sin. Still, I will always believe that an The Dark of Love innate goodness is our deepest reality – our true nature is selfless love – but all the major world religions seem to suggest it takes a lot of charles work to Essay Mandela, uncover that “inner kingdom” and in charles cundall, the meantime the presence of anger in us is a sign that we are still in servitude to “self.” It is their assertion that if you are slow to anger, quick to forgive, have no bitterness in your soul, you will have a better life – because character is destiny. Your patience, peace and compassion will benefit the whole of society. In case you feel you have some problems with anger here are some methods and skills to slowly lessen it. There are many methods and I am only mentioning ones I have personally found useful. 1) Forgiveness.

This is huge and pivotal. I remember a couple of decades ago I read in the paper about an intrepid Norwegian explorer who trekked across the vast icy expanse of Antarctica by on Equality in Public School Systems himself. The only reading material he took with him was a Bible. He said the main theme he picked up from it during those lonely hours in his tent in the harshest weather conditions on the planet was the need for forgiveness. Forgiveness is a healing balm. It is letting go of anger, refusing to live in the past. It is all about cundall hope. Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch Evangelical Christian woman who helped hide Jewish people in occupied Holland during the Second World War knew all about the need for forgiveness.

Arrested by the Gestapo after being informed on near the end of the war, along with other family members, she was sent to an extermination camp in Germany. She barely survived, and lost her father and older sister in Side examples, the most ghastly circumstances. After the wars end she went back to Germany to help the devastated enemy recover, and charles, even met and managed to forgive one of her former SS guards, one of the on Equality in Public School most brutal. A prayer to Jesus Christ helped her. Corrie said, “Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the cundall temperature of the heart.”

2) Reframe the way you look at things. Impacts? A brilliant way to charles, defuse anger comes from Albert Ellis’s Rational Emotive Therapy, a sort of sister to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and which like it was much influenced by Stoicism. Ellis, a hard boiled New York psychologist, has suggested three unexamined core beliefs cause disturbance by their absolutism and demandingness. The one which frequently causes anger is as follows: “Other significant people in my life, must treat me kindly and st crispins, fairly at all times, or else I can’t stand it, and they’re bad, rotten, and evil persons who should be severely blamed, damned, and vindictively punished for charles cundall, their horrible treatment of me.” A more flexible skillful way to on Nelson Mandela, view things when you’re inevitably let down is: “It would be preferable if significant people in my life were to treat me kindly and fairly but that doesn’t always happen.

People sometimes let you down, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad and charles cundall, unkind. Impacts Rainforests? It just means they’re imperfect, like me.” Ellis it seems to me is cundall trying to get people to be less black and white in The Dark of Love, their thinking, less rigid. Over use of the cundall word “must” in human on tropical rainforests, people’s vocabularies is one clue. He jokes about people “mustabating” with their inflexible expectations and senses of entitlement. You think your mother “must” love you, but as Ellis points out a lot of people manage to lead happy fulfilling lives, despite never having had a loving mother. Charles? As he says, “So what if your mother looked at you cross-eyed when you were young; it doesn’t mean you have to be miserable for Essay in Public School, the rest of your life!” 3) Be judged by cundall your own conscience, not others opinions. In this modern flatland world we are encouraged to believe we all have our own truths, even if they’re mutually contradictory. We have lost respect for authority, especially religious authority, lost our trust in the idea that there can be a guiding spiritual pole star to our storm tossed seas of life. And thus we paradoxically become less sure of ourselves.

The only reliable authority becomes the opinion of the majority which is so often wrong, faddish and tyrannical. Truth seems to be built on a shifting shoal of sand. One of the robert frost about ramifications of the flat lining of cundall values due to secularity is people become more thin skinned. Essay Examples? Venerable. Thubten Chodron, an charles cundall American Buddhist nun points out in her book “Dealing with Life’s Issues” that most anger is born from becoming hurt or afraid. Upon feeling infringed upon we seek the The Dark Side of Love false security of anger; the cundall adrenaline release makes us feel empowered.

However the power it gives us is illusory and it ends up almost always worsening any given situation. As Chodron says, “It is as if we were thinking, “I’ll be so mad at them that they’ll regret what they did and lion king, love me,” but the opposite happens, and cundall, our release of venom pushes the other person away. Chodron: “A lot of hurt feelings come about because we don’t feel totally sure of ourselves. Thus, we crave for somebody else’s approval or praise so that we can feel good about ourselves. This is what most people do. However, if we learn to human impacts, evaluate our own actions and motivations we won’t be so dependent on other people telling us if we are good or bad.”

Modern capitalist-consumer society has a tendency to tear our emotions apart. It is not hard to start feeling alienated from the opposite sex or society in general because of histories of cundall failed relationships, family dysfunction, unhappy marriages, and surburban neurosis. Perhaps you have not known steady family love, even from childhood; then the chances are you might feel great anger stemming from a deprivation of love; you might be tempted to withdraw from society into materialism, love of animals over people, shallow hedonism, or egoism. This is king character where having a strong spiritual practice such as daily prayer, the practice of mindfulness, following the ethical precepts of religion, or simply believing in the saving force of cundall compassion can really help you slowly let go of unfruitful behaviours. Essay Mandela? Of course one must sincerely practice one’s chosen path for it to have any effect. Surely the Desert Father, Dorotheos of Gaza, was correct in pointing out cundall that no-one ever learned to do things like riding horses by just reading about it!

4) Express Feelings Without Blame. Learn the difference between responding aggressively and st crispins day speech, assertively. a. Aggressive. “You liar! How can I ever trust you after what you said to Nigel? Don’t you have any sense of shame?” (loud tone, with finger wagging). b. Assertive. “I’m feeling upset. I understand from Nigel that you told him I’m lazy. If true I feel let down by you.”(level, well-modulated voice, with good eye contact). The first response is certainly venting anger but you have also blamed and abused the person you’re speaking to. They have had no chance to give their side of the story. The second assertive response is actually more courageous and thoughtful, without expressing any anger.

Calm determination is more effective than beligerance – the warriors of Sparta knew this. Famous for their fighting prowess they evidently listened to cundall, calming music before going into battle so they would not lose their tempers. I have certainly found in confrontational situations that making “I” statements can help a good deal. You own your own feelings, and are not so prone to generalising unfairly about the other person (i.e. abuse them by calling them a liar, an idiot or worse). Reflective listening is also helpful: summarising politely what the other person has been saying, reflecting it back to them. This helps them understand you’re listening attentively to them, which is Essay respectful, and helps them understand what they’ve actually said! Because a lot of people get carried away in the heat of the cundall moment and forget what they’re actually saying! 5) Take a clear stand on Anger. Be clear through your own investigations into anger what the results of anger are. Reflect on The Dark of Love Essay, why so many wise religious leaders and thinkers are united in saying anger is a negative force, not to be trusted.

He who is slow to anger, or never gets angry is a person at peace with the world. His singular thoughtfulness and calm self control is cundall a sign of great patience and wisdom, and frost poetry about death, this creates the room for real love to grow. Charles? Not sentimental love, but selfless love or compassion. This will be a positive influence on the world. Content Sourced from

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