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To kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary

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To kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary

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Nov 05, 2017 To kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, order essay -
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Nov 05, 2017 To kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, order essay paper -
Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 14 | Genius

Lyrical Ballad's Essays Thread Watch. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to x_LiNk_x. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to x_LiNk_x. Lyrical poems often contain bombastic language that elevates nature, O sylvan wye!. This creates imagery of Arcadia a mythical perfect place, here Wordsworth uses a classical antiquity to elevate nature.

In addition in 'Lines written in early spring' Wordsworth waxes lyrical on his feelings about the a mockingbird chapter, fair works of nature. Where as in the ballads nature is presented somewhat more realistically, where it made her old bones. shake. On close examination of essay about lie, Wordsworth's letters to Coleridge it is evident that he understood that nature can be dangerous, he tells Coleridge of how the frozen ground caused great annoyance to to kill 14 summary, him and how snow was threatening. Showing that Wordsworth believed that nature could be elevated but also can be presented realistically. Although there are many differences between the nurse career, two forms of poetry, which might lead one to believe that the title of the anthology is an a mockingbird 14 summary oxymoron, there is a unifying theme. The overall subject of the anthology is essay about lie what man has made of man, and the idea Wordsworth describes in his letters as love of nature leading to a love of mankind. Both forms of poetry concern themselves with the pantheistic philosophy that Wordsworth believed in. Indeed, in a letter to to kill chapter 14 summary, Coleridge Wordsworth describes God as a giant gardener. Nature is to relocation camps world war ii powerful and Wordsworth cannot even comprehend the thoughts of the birds around him.

This is important because it shows the chapter, elevation of essay about lie, nature. The birds still have a natural and uncorrupted instinct which Wordsworth would have described as beautiful and chapter, permanent. Nurse Career! This idea is given further weight when we see that as a poet Wordsworth has a greater affinity with nature. Therefore, if he is unable to measure their thoughts then the to kill a mockingbird, ordinary person has certainly got no chance. Both forms of poetry show a belief in for, a fever of the word caused by what Wordsworth himself described as the chapter, loss of fundamental human feelings.

He also stated in a personality, letters that those who live a rural and uncomplicated life are held down in a state of abject peury. Wordsworth shows in 'Last of the flock' that he believes that the poor laws are immoral and evil. The speaker talks of to kill 14 summary, a time of need however his pride was tamed and society turns the good Shepard evil.Indeed the essay about lie, idea of a sick society, where the only cure is nature is evident in to kill a mockingbird chapter, Coleridge's lyrical poem 'The Dungeon' where the prison is nurse career condemned by ignorance and parching poverty. The alliteration here creates a bitter tone as Coleridge emphasizes his disgust for society's best cure. Coleridge indicates that nature is a nurse and could healest the prisoner. Chapter! The sibilance in the second stanza creates a soothing tone which elevates nature. Religion And Conflict! The poem shows that the way to heal his angry spirit is the benignant touch of love and beauty. As both forms of poetry have a common theme they are invariably linked and contain characteristics of the others. For example 'lines written in early spring' has a simple rhyme scheme which is more balladic than lyrical. Moreover in 'Last of the flock' there is evidence of some emotion on the speaker's part which is not common in balladic poems, For me it was a woeful day, the repetition of chapter 14 summary, this line emphasizes the sadness that the speaker feels.

The use of a full stop also creates a sense of certainty and nurse career, highlights his sadness at loosing his flock, like blood drops from my heart they dropped. The assonance created by the heavy 'o' sound creates a heavy and mournful tone. The simile shows how deeply he feels for his flock and this idea is further emphasized by the imagery of his heart and blood. In conclusion I believe that 'Lyrical Ballads' can be considered an oxymoron to some extent. However it is to kill chapter my feeling that it is not because the and conflict, two forms of poetry share a common theme and philosophy and are therefore invariably linked. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Charlotte_Heart_NYC. Hope it helps If we all post different essays we can help each other out. In your answer you should refer to at least three poems from the collection.

Our meddling intellect. Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things; - We murder to a mockingbird, dissect. The view throughout Lyrical Ballads of the power of essay about lie, imagination is, therefore, a stark contrast to the ideals of the time as, The Tables Turned concludes, a heart/That watches and receives is vastly superior to science. Oh could I put it into a mockingbird rhyme/ A most delightful tale pursuing This adoption of a persona could well be so Wordsworth could propound views of nature that he himself found unable to propose as they proved difficult to defend. Intellect in religion, The Idiot Boy is a mockingbird chapter presented as limited as, throughout the poem, actions and decisions intended to be made by the characters do not result in did malcolm x fight for, success. Chapter 14 Summary! Betty Foy quite forgot to call the doctor but Susan Gale is a personality still cured. This shows the to kill a mockingbird chapter, belief that Imagination is far more powerful than intellect as, even though intellectual actions are not carried out, Susan Gale is still cured purely down to the power of the human Imagination. The frequent interruptions by the narrator also serve to present the poetic imagination as more important than the events which are occurring within the poem.

The complete unimportance of the events is made evident through Wordsworth repetition of perhaps implying that he himself does not know what is happening in nurse career, The Idiot Boy. The narrator is, in fact, much more preoccupied with telling us: I to the muses have been bound. This deems the poem a poem about the poets imagination, much like The Thorn, and how nature feeds the poetic imagination which is a central theme throughout lyrical ballads. Coleridge uses the word teach to describe the Marineres story telling, and says he has a strange power of speech. In this way, Coleridge is comparing himself to the protagonist as both are gifted storytellers, not only inspired but compelled to write. In this way, the acquisition of the gift of poetic imagination is, like the suffering of the Marinere, a curse, and, just as the Marinere is forced to a mockingbird, balance in essay about lie, a limbo between life and death, the to kill chapter 14 summary, poet is compelled to balance in the liminal space of the imagination untill [his] tale is nurse career told. Coleridge also paints an equally powerful yet pathetic vision of the Marinere, (who is a representation of a poet), by the ability to cause the Wedding guest to awake a wiser man. This shows the power of the poetic imagination as the imagination behind writing the tale can cause a lasting effect on a mockingbird people. Equally, poetic imagination is presented as not powerful, but a weakness. The curse of having poetic imagination forcd [him] to begin [his] tale/ And then it left [him] free. Coleridge here is saying, just how the and conflict, Marinere is the chapter 14 summary, constant victim of his adventure, a poet is the constant victim of his talent.

A poets imagination is presented here as a powerful addiction, and storytelling, through creative imagination, is the drug. Tintern Abbey describes the process of becoming mature, which is the development of the imagination. Abuse Essay! The process occurs chronologically throughout the poem with the first stanza being limited to describing the poets view of the natural setting of to kill a mockingbird chapter, Tintern Abbey, for example the lofty cliffs and the wild green landscape. The second stanza then shows that the dissecting gaze from the religion, first stanza (Wordsworths view of intellect) is made quiet by to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, the power of harmony (the bringing together of two things, Wordsworths view of imagination. Religion! Here imagination is presented as more powerful than intellect. The third stanza goes on to praise the role of chapter 14 summary, poetic imagination further for the confinement americans camps during example of both what they half-create/ And what perceive. Wordsworth shows that he believes that the 14 summary, imagination and interpretation is more real than what is a personality disorder actually existent. Poetic imagination is so powerful here as it creates everything, and ideas dont just hit us, which was the view of the time, but we create our own ideas through perception.

Tintern Abbey concludes by stating that wild ecstasies shall be matured/into a sober pleasure. This sums up the poem, and to kill chapter, the process of maturing from the rigid beliefs of intellect, and the contextual idea of judgement, to imagination, and the bringing together of ideas. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Jozz. Edit: if it helps, I'm predicted a B overall. though tears that fell in showers, Glimmerd our dear-loved home, alas! Reluctantly, the family are forced out from their home. The metaphorical images of tears falling in showers shows the great emotional bond they had with their house, since without it, they would officially be living in essay about lie, poverty, and forced to find laboring work for someone else like many other rural dwellers were forced to do at the time. The vagrants story continues, with her losing everyone she was close to her husband, father and children. She becomes dried up, despairing, desolate: an alliteration creating a thudding sound, demonstrating the impact that these unfortunate events have had upon 14 summary, her. At the very end of the poem, the narrative switches to and Alcohol Abuse Essay, third-person: She wept; - because she had no more to say / Of that perpetual weight which on her spirit lay the perpetual weight is the imagery of the world in general. 14 Summary! The vagrant has suffered a great deal, from a personality, one bad experience to another, which has not only to kill a mockingbird become a burden to her physical self, but also to her spiritual self.

His angry spirit healed and harmonized / By the benignant touch of love and beauty Once again there is the religion and conflict, idea that it is the to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, loss of dignity in ones soul which makes the what, difference. The narrator firmly believes that the soul of the person he is describing that is kept in captivity can be saved just by a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, exposing him to soft influences of nature. By doing so, the a personality disorder, natural touch of love and a mockingbird chapter, beauty will cleanse his soul. It is easy to see how Wordsworths motive can be criticized, since he perhaps shows too much sympathy for people that are kept in captivity for a purpose. with stedfast dejection his eyes are intent / On the fetters that link him. This quotation is a double entendre, having physical sense by being held down by chains, and left there to die; and the confinement americans camps during world is an, also, it can be interpreted as being metaphorical, with the link being a close relationship to death, in which he is sure to be paying a visit to to kill chapter, soon. The narrator then approaches the convict, and what did malcolm for, is questioned by him as to why he has visited him. no idle intruder has stood [] But one, whose first wish is to be good, the narrator emphasises that no one has been to visit the convict, because society has purposely dejected him into isolation, despite the convict now having good intentions. The final comment of the narrator is that the convict does not deserve to be kept there, but would plant thee where yet thou mightst blossom again, comparing him to a seed, where he can be planted back into society to grow once again.

span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Jozz. Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey. The anchor of my purest thoughts, the to kill chapter 14 summary, nurse, the guide, the guardian of my heart, and essay about lie, soul of all my moral being Here, Wordsworth uses the metaphorical image that the mind is 14 summary like a ship, taking an unpredictable course and nurse career, only nature can anchor purest thoughts. It acts as a nurturer and a protector of his feelings and non-materialistic soul, whilst helping to be a moral being. Similar to The Nightingale it describes the daily commotion that people live, but unlike this poem, the narrator has found a resistance to it: The dreary intercourse of daily life, shall eer prevail against us, simply because he has found comfort in nature. To Kill Chapter! In Tintern Abbey, Wordsworth describes a setting that appears to be wild this word being repeatedly referred to when describing the setting of the poem. The effect this has, is showing how this wild green landscape is unaffected by the confinement during war ii is an of, industrialization, and to kill, more specifically, the essay about lie, Enclosures Act that prevented some areas of landscape being accessed. This imagery reflects what Coleridge conveyed in The Nightingale, where the grove is wild, describing a setting that was perfect for to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary the nightingales to express their song, without the damaging effect mankind had when destroying nature. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to is autism, supalorlor.

As you may be able to tell by my seemingly never-ending sentences, this was written under timed conditions - so I apologise for the areas where things almost begin to lose sense. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, jameskelsall. The Romantic period presented the figure of the child in a notably different way to the Classical period that preceded it. The Classical period tended to focus on the rational, logical adult and didnt really consider a childs view, whereas the Romantic period saw this turned around completely. The Lyrical Ballads placed lots of and conflict, emphasis on the child, and Wordsworth presents the child as important and almost divine, in most cases the chapter, child was seen to overarch the essay about lie, view of the chapter, adult, who was often the figure of the Essay, rational classicist. It is however important to 14 summary, realise that Wordsworth was not aware he was writing in a Romantic style, similarly the classical poets such as Milton were equally not as aware they were writing in a Classical style. Is Autism Disorder! Wordsworth simply wrote in a new, refreshed way and the periods of literature were later applied. It could be said that Wordsworth and Coleridge pioneered this new style of writing though their Lyrical Ballads, so understandably, as they wrote differently to a mockingbird, the previous poets, it could be said that Wordsworths statement that readers with superior judgement may disapprove could be easily related to a personality disorder, when reading the collection. The first poem that is useful in a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, exploring the presentation of the and Alcohol Abuse, figure of the child could be We are seven. This poem demonstrates how Wordsworth refuted the a mockingbird 14 summary, classical philologist in favour of the romantic ideal child. Essentially the poem is a conversation between the nurse career, rational adult and the child about their views of death.

The adult is insistent that the little maid is only part of five siblings. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter! Then ye are only five. However, the child is as equally insistent that they are seven. Although the adult view presented by did malcolm for, Wordsworth is a mockingbird indignant in the fact that the othes children are dead, he still weakens the truth through euphemisms. Church yard laid. However, this is structurally important to x fight for, the poem as it the child could be seen to be testing the to kill a mockingbird chapter, adults patience. And Alcohol Abuse Essay! Indeed, the adult does weaken the truth at the start and even undermines the child by the word little but as the childs insistence grows, the last stanza says theyre dead and the word dead is to kill repeated to nurse career, echo the adults perception that the other children are no longer living. Ultimately, the childs view conquers because the a mockingbird chapter, poem ends with Nay master, we are seven. Whilst the adult loses, it is Wordsworths romantic ideal view that wins. Thus, not only does Wordsworth present the dead child as a being with longevity even after the grave, he also presents the childs view on mortality as overarching to the classical adults view on it. Therefore Wordsworth presents the child figure as extremely important in the sense that their view over powers the religion and conflict, rational adult. Another poem that reinforces this view is Anecdote for Fathers. Right from the start Wordsworth presents a typical romantic child figure. His face is fair and fresh to see and to kill 14 summary, we are told that his limbs are cast in beauties mould. This image is almost divine in the sense that Wordsworth presents the child with an nurse career unmatched beauty; the word mould suggests that the child has been created in a specific way that epitomises beauty. To Kill 14 Summary! As the poem goes on, it could be suggested that the child figure is presented as somewhat powerful. At the the confinement of japanese to relocation world war ii of, end of the poem the adult father figure is shown to have learnt a lesson from the to kill a mockingbird, child. The heart would seldom learn from nurse career, what I have learnt from ye. As the child has taught the rational adult a moral lesson it could be said that the child is presented as a powerful figure indeed. However, in the Idiot Boy, it may be suggested that the child figure is presented as somewhat different.

As the a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, title states, Wordsworth says the boy is an idiot. Although, small hints throughout the poem present the child figure as slightly intriguing. For example, even though Johnny is x fight for somewhat dense (he burred and shook his bough and had to be told how to turn left and right) Betty still loves him dearly. Even because of a mockingbird chapter, his limited intelligence the child figure is still portrayed as one whom is dearly loved which may not have strictly been the case in Classical times. Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse! However, even though the boy is an idiot he is still portrayed in a way which seems powerful. For example, we read about Old Susan Gale and the fact that as her mind grew worse, he body grew better. This refers to the fact that the more she fought about the fate of the idiot boy and his strange adventures her illness got better. This perhaps shows a restorative power in the child and any ill fate he might be in. Thus, the child is again seen as important as he appears to to kill 14 summary, heal Susan Gale, as if by nurse career, magic. Whilst this may be hyperbole by Wordsworth, the 14 summary, fact that he makes the point about the power of the child cant be ignored. In The Mad Mother I would argue that the child is very important.

This is because the child is so important to the extent that Wordsworth presents his mothers life as so dependent on the childs love. Oh love me babe, love me. This perhaps inverts the relationship of a mother and child. Classically, the child would have been dependent on the mother but in this new Romantic style, Wordsworth really presents the importance of the child as the the confinement of japanese world war ii is an example, babies love is keeping the mother alive. Thus, only by looking at a small number of the to kill a mockingbird, Lyrical Ballads to which childhood and growth of the mind is a key ingredient, I would suggest that the figure of the child is presented of utmost importance by Wordsworth. What Did Malcolm X Fight! He presents the child figures as having an overarching power almost above their adult counterparts which is rather a feat in comparison to the previous literary period. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to chapter, mrsnoir. The setting is at a wedding where the Marinere is able to stop a guest to whom he can tell his tale; he stoppeth one of three. The Confinement Americans Camps Example Of! It is important that within the poem the Marinere has an audience, as the wedding guest can convey both his and the Marinere's reactions thoughout; God save thee, ancyent Marinere!

From the to kill chapter 14 summary, fiends that plague thee thus- why look'st thou so? and the Marinere is able to nurse career, justify this in response through the use of the first person; with my cross bow I shot the a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, albatross. These are also important in order to depict the is autism a personality disorder, appearance of the Marinere- he holds him with his skinny hand, grey-beard loon, glittering eye; some of the a mockingbird 14 summary, features which entice the wedding guest to listen to his tale further, in order for religion and conflict Coleridge to further tell his own tale to the reader. These descriptions are important to the Marinere and what haunts him at to kill different parts of the tale, as in the end of part one when it is discovered he shot the disorder, albatross. The importance of the wedding guest is also justified at the very end of the poem, when Coleridge uses the wedding guest to to kill a mockingbird chapter, exonerate the moral of Alcoholism Essay, his story by linking the last stanza to one written in part five. This is a mockingbird chapter used to show the importance of time passing between when the Marinere tells his tale and religion, the guest rising the next morning. As the Marinere tells his tale in to kill chapter, the first person, it also puts the Alcoholism Abuse Essay, reader in the position of to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, being the audience- the wedding guest- as they cannot chuse but hear, giving the impression that the Marinere has a source of power to be able to hypnotise the wedding guest, in is autism disorder, a manner of speaking, as the wedding guest will not retire and the Marinere holds him with his glittering eye. Coleridge uses 'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere' in order to convey his own love for nature and what was percieved to be most important during the to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, Romantic period he and Wordsworth are considered to have catalysed with this collection. The purpose of the nurse career, poem is to show how important nature is to 14 summary, those who have not experienced what the Marinere had, such as the wedding guest, and portray how nature serves its purpose in protecting humanity. Essay! Although the tale the Marinere tells is literal within the poem, it also conveys a hidden perspective that those who are not blessed with the chapter, love of nature are cursed, and there is a void in and conflict, their lives; echoing with the a mockingbird, emptiness and suffering of the and conflict, Marinere when he is blown into 'the void' when on ship.

The purpose the tale serves to the Marinere is so he is to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary able to release his pain and share the is autism a personality disorder, morality of the tale with others. The Marinere is evidently haunted by chapter 14 summary, his experience and each time he tells the tale it gives him an oppertunity to release his emotions and realise how thankful he is for the gift of nature and access his love for it. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to essay about lie, willenium. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to willenium. Both Wordsworth and Coleridge believed in the power of the 14 summary, imagination both used the of japanese americans to relocation camps war ii of, supernatural to express this. By close reference to at least three poems or by ranging over the collection as a whole, show how both writers expressed their ideas about imagination supernatural events. span Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to to kill chapter 14 summary, Ed. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Alcoholism and Alcohol, DannyLaSombra. I think I got 17/20 for this.

Wordsworths The last of the flock gives a different view of childhood, and the children in the poem could be said to be a burden to the man who has lost his flock, and how social situation has detracted from what is more important, e.g. nurturing children. It is, however a pretty ambiguous message because it could be read to to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, suggest that in the mans distress, he makes bold and nurse career, shocking statements in his despair, as he utters that he feels cursed that he loves his children less as his flock dwindles. He does, however in the poem announce that he loves his children as much as his flock. It is, a very human poem, and deals with emotional characteristics of a full grown man, the idea of a man crying is reinforced, as it is mentioned in The Foster Mothers Tale, he sobbed like a child and a fully grown man crying is quite a saddening sentiment, and to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, relates to a childs ability to nurse career, cry, and to not feel undignified, perhaps to suggest that crying is a natural way of expressing emotion, which is another romantic idea linked to a mockingbird chapter, childhood. Two similar views of of japanese to relocation camps example, childhood are given in We are seven and a mockingbird chapter, anecdote for what did malcolm x fight for fathers as both children have similar characteristics in their childlike wisdom and 14 summary, particularly in we are seven, we can see the childs naivety and innocence, especially regarding the nurse career, death of her siblings. A Mockingbird 14 Summary! We can also see the simple language being used to represent childlike language, especially in the conventional metre and Abuse Essay, simplistic lexis, we can find such deceivingly simple language in to kill chapter, most of his poems, but usage helped to convey a much more profound or complex message. Wordsworth claimed to love asking children questions to hear their answers, and the message lying in Anecdote for Fathers was that an adult can learn more from and conflict, a child, than vice versa. Chapter! The adults view of death in religion, We are seven is quite logical and straightforward compared to the childs view, which is far more imaginative, as she suggests the dead members of her family still occupy a presence, and her determination to prove this allows her to have her will. The morbid underlying message of death, I feel is a mockingbird 14 summary paralleled with an existing message that children have a natural understanding of the dead and a personality disorder, it allows them not to be as philosophical.

Coleridge had opposing views on childhood to Wordsworth, even though Coleridges message in a mockingbird 14 summary, The Foster Mothers Tale seemed to religion and conflict, depict that children should be taught by nature, as it is a far more romantic ideology than a child taught by man. Wordsworths views in Anecdote for Fathers and We are Seven seemed to suggest at a far more spiritual and naturalistic wisdom in to kill chapter 14 summary, children. Children are praised in Lyrical Ballads and are one of the main symbols in romantic literature because their bond with nature and nurse career, freedom to explore deeper emotional feelings and ideas allow poets to recreate this, perhaps to show how a childs view drastically differs than an to kill a mockingbird 14 summary adults. Many of the poems touch on childhood, even if they are not a major theme, the final poem Tintern Abbey draws upon Wordsworths past life as a youth and he reminisces how he frolicked like a ewe. Overall the idea of childhood is one explored deeply within lyrical ballads and a main theme, corresponding with nature and imagination. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to chrissytina2004. How do Wordsworth and Coleridge explore the theme of essay about lie, childhood and 14 summary, its importance in the Lyrical Ballads? this is a really good essay but i would just like to point out you need to remember that if the essay about lie, questions uses both poets in 14 summary, it then you need to and conflict, refer to a poem written by both wordsworth and coleridge. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to x_LiNk_x. span Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Ed.

span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to jamieee. span Follow 1 follower 14 badges Send a private message to to kill a mockingbird, Kink. Like many of the essay about lie, poems in Lyrical Ballads, The Idiot Boy focuses on a boy who is not necessarily poor financially, this is not clear, but is simple. Being uneducated was thought to be a stigma by the higher societies, like being poor, and they took no particular notice of the people who fell under either of a mockingbird, these categories. Using the Essay, ballad form to tell a story, Wordsworth introduces the main character instantly with adjectives like lonely, which automatically connects the reader to the character.

Wordsworth deliberately makes the reader feel sympathy for the character, I suspect, so the reader empathises and possibly comes to the same conclusion Wordsworth had: poorer people were not secondary, and had a voice. A Mockingbird Chapter! Before Wordsworth, the reader would have been less emotionally invested because the language in poetry had not put the emphasis on character reader connection, Him whom you love, Betty Foy. Wordsworths first person narrative, recalling the story, permits the reader to believe what he has to say. Nurse Career! The writer interferes and interjects his own opinion: his sympathy for the situation, causing the reader to empathise. Punctuation is an indication of to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, apprehension in the poet, Oh! Then for that poor idiot boy! and the audience becomes aware of the building of tension. Also, the poet includes an extensive amount of speech said by his imagined character, Cries Betty, Hell be back again! This speech, reported by the narrator, literally gives the and conflict, character a voice, again giving more dimension to a person that would not be normally recognised. Wordsworth also attempts to explain through his narrator the sound the idiot boy makes, now Johnnys lips they burr, again allowing Wordsworth opinion that the freedom of expression to come through and a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, reach the americans camps during war ii is an of, reader.

The introductory stanza written in third person, again gives the impression that Wordsworth is storytelling but unlike The Idiot Boy, it does not include a narrator character allowing him to make personal interjections when he likes. Wordsworth was creative in his shift from third person to first person speech for the second stanza; the rest of the poem gives the character an to kill chapter 14 summary outlet for to relocation during world war ii is an all her thoughts, therefore a personal connection to reader from character would be achieved successfully, But nay, my heart is too glad. Wordsworth also gave the character the power to a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, voice her emotions; they are emphasized in large amount in the poem. Abuse Essay! Not only a mockingbird chapter would society find it hard to ignore the poorer classes anymore but also they would be shocked by this confessional speech in Wordsworths time. The Confinement Of Japanese Americans During World War Ii Example Of! And I am happy when I sing/ Full many a sad and doleful thing. The reader would discover the Mad Mothers ability to to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, use imagery throughout the poem; A fire was once within my brain. Wordsworth, I suspect, was expressing his opinion that eloquent speech within the lower classes was not impossible; that the poor sometimes had the ability to speak in an educated fashion and that they should be heard by others. The poet-narrator appears again in nurse career, We Are Seven, a long poem reporting on an encounter with a child. In this poem, the poet-narrator emerges a symbol of the upper class.

Through the to kill chapter, poem, the reader finds that the wisdom of an adult does not necessarily defeat the viewpoint of a child. Coleridge intentionally shows that the americans to relocation camps during world example of, child does not always have to be secondary to the adult and a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, happens to be equal. The stubbornness of the child would delight and Abuse, shock the reader, Nay, we are seven! This was because the reader would have dismissed the child from a mockingbird 14 summary, introduction as inferior and, against what, all expectations, the child is a mockingbird chapter challenging the adult. The adult character is as equally belligerent: But they are dead. Those two are dead! Coleridge automatically finding the voice for is autism this child against the logical adult, conveys the to kill 14 summary, strength of a person not recognised in society and how difficult it is for the upper classes to understand others.

It is in these ways that Wordsworth and Coleridge, men that emerged from poverty, tried to overcome the deafness of the nurse career, upper classes to the less fortunate. His poems expressed a way of life that the lower classes could not do for themselves and a mockingbird, also the fact that among the poor and simple, there was some people who were voiceless not because they had none but because the upper classes were ignorant. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to and conflict, paeperpeeple. Conversely though, the to kill 14 summary, theme of nurse career, nature in the poem also reflects some of the ideals of romanticism. The hermit for example represents the romantic ideal of a unity and harmony with nature, as expressed through lines such as he hath a cushion plump: it is the moss, that wholly hides the rotted old Oak-stump and he prayeth best who loveth best all things both great and small. While the two themes of nature and the supernatural may seem like polar opposites, Coleridge demonstrates that the two are mutually non-exclusive. Indeed they are often used in chapter, tandem; Coleridge uses the is autism disorder, supernatural to explore nature and vice versa. This itself is achieved in a number of to kill chapter, ways and is used to achieve a number of possible ends. It seems then that the reader receives the story at did malcolm for a remove from the Mariner himself- we are merely observing him recounting a tale to another.

Despite this however, there is a mockingbird no evident transition or punctuation to is autism a personality, denote the Mariners speech; stanza 12 simply launches into chapter listen, Stranger! Storm and Wind, and what for, the only distinction made from the to kill 14 summary, rest of the text is the speech of others such as the Wedding Guest: God save thee, ancyent Marinere! Furthermore, as the poem progresses through the surreal content the interjections from the wedding guest cease, and this separation is no longer present; it is almost as if we had become the wedding guest. This seeming removal (and eventual restoration) of the backdrop of reality, combined with the progressively supernatural nature of the what, poem, serves to make reading the poem almost a journey in itself- the to kill a mockingbird, reader becomes steadily more emotionally and to relocation world is an of, mentally involved in the mariners story, as all semblance of a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, reason and reality seemingly disappears. Is Autism A Personality Disorder! This then would seem to reflect the emphasis placed by the romantics on emotion over reason; Coleridge explores the supernatural by taking the reader with him and removing the frame of reference so that this exploration is not hampered by reason. I never saw aught like to them. Unless perchance it were. The skeletons of leaves that lag. My forest brook along Another example of this is the wind that the Mariner experiences at stanza 107- Its path was not upon the sea, in to kill a mockingbird chapter, ripple nor in shade- an alien experience described in terms which ordinary people might understand.

This device also relates to the confinement of japanese americans to relocation camps during world war ii is an example of, the use of colloquialisms in 14 summary, the Mariners speech, evident in lines such as ne shapes of men nor beasts we ken. This denotation of an accent seems to Alcoholism and Alcohol Essay, evoke the Common Man, a theme prevalent in a mockingbird chapter, romanticism, and means that the supernatural is explored in the poem through a medium that readers can relate to, thus rendering the essay about lie, text more accessible. We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. 0 new posts Labour WILL scrap TUITION FEES Started by: Spratty Forum: UK politics Replies: 203 Last post: 1 minute ago What is it like commuting to university everyday? Started by: Patrick917HD Forum: Advice on everyday issues Replies: 9 Last post: 1 minute ago Homeschooling help? Started by: TJayyC Forum: GCSEs Replies: 7 Last post: 1 minute ago GIRL 91+9828891153# Love Back By Black Magic molvi ji Started by: molvi106 Forum: Friends, family and work Replies: 0 Last post: 1 minute ago RBS video interview Started by: Samantha303 Forum: Investment banking and consultancy Replies: 38 Last post: 1 minute ago CTAM: Count to a million (Part 16) Started by: spotify95 Forum: Forum games Replies: 5368 Last post: 1 minute ago Logarithms Question Started by: TheMystery Forum: Maths Replies: 4 Last post: 1 minute ago Count To A Million In Words Part 1 Started by: Kyx Forum: Forum games Replies: 604 Last post: 1 minute ago Shy girls talks to other guy Started by: Timothy01 Forum: Relationships Replies: 5 Last post: 1 minute ago INTER CAST @love marriage problem 91-9828891153 [emailprotected] MOLVI JI Started by: molvi106 Forum: Friends, family and work Replies: 0 Last post: 2 minutes ago im leaving tsr HOORAY Started by: Emerald7770 Forum: Chat Replies: 55 Last post: 2 minutes ago Female taking electronic engineering degree Started by: moonlightbae Forum: Engineering Replies: 11 Last post: 2 minutes ago Need help with fing MEI Maths worksheets Started by: BrenChongerZomb Forum: Maths Replies: 0 Last post: 2 minutes ago Rudd changing law regarding internet radicalisation to a mockingbird chapter, convict more bedroom Islamists Started by: Chakede Forum: News and current affairs Replies: 9 Last post: 3 minutes ago Girl is nice in nurse career, person, ignores messages.

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapter 14 Summary | Harper Lee | Homework

Travel Photography in a mockingbird chapter 14 summary Myanmar a Photo Essay. What is most striking for a visiting photographer to essay about lie Myanmar, beyond the legions of to kill a mockingbird chapter magnificent pagodas and what did malcolm x fight, monasteries, is its people. The 135 ethnic groups offer an extraordinary diversity of subjects to be sure, but its their welcoming nature and willingness to open their lives to the camera toting foreigner that never ceases to to kill amaze. As a photography director for a travel company based in the confinement americans to relocation camps during world example of Myanmar, I have been fortunate enough to to kill chapter 14 summary work all over this very photogenic land with its two most celebrated travel shooters, as well as a major award winning western photographer who knows it well. All three photographers have distinctly different styles #038; approaches.

Shooting with 3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year Kyaw Kyaw Winn, is Alcoholism and Alcohol like hanging out with Yoda. He has an almost metaphysical knowledge of photography and photographic equipment, and carries a wide array of a mockingbird chapter 14 summary it on the road. What impresses me most about his skill-set, is his ability to shoot brilliantly in nurse career any style and in any light, including the harshest. National Geographic contributor David Lazar on to kill chapter, the other hand, is a minimalist, carrying only a single camera and lens. A Personality. His primary focus is portraiture, and his much preferred light of choice is soft and even. Davids biggest asset in my opinion is to kill a mockingbird 14 summary his ability to nurse career relate to all kinds of to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary people who dont speak his language and have them feel comfortable in spending sometimes extended periods in front of his lens. Hasselblad Masters 2010 public vote winner and nurse career, National Geographic contributor A. P. Soes first love is landscape photography (hes the only person I know who owns the complete Singh Ray filter set!). Recently, he has developed into 14 summary an outstanding portraitist as well. A.P. is one of those guys you just have to marvel at, one of those guys who always seems to get the best shot of the day, even though you were standing right next to him and taking the same picture! Below is a small sampling from each photographer in Myanmar, with more images and links available here.

NIKON D200 @ 100mm, ISO 100, 1/160, f/10.0. Myanmars Golden Triangle has been little photographed by foreign photographers, despite its stunning rice terraces and numerous tribal peoples. Essay About Lie. The main reasons are timing and effort involved in chapter 14 summary getting to many of the best locations. To capture yellow rice for example, as in this awesome image by Kyaw Kyaw Winn, you have maybe a three day window before it gets harvested. Its also monsoon season, so weather also plays a role in getting there, along with a good guide. This goes for reaching the most interesting and remote tribal groups as well. NIKON D7100 @ 36mm, ISO 3200, 10/800, f/2.8. One of what did malcolm for those interesting tribes is the En. They are a vanishing people indigenous to Myanmar, and exist nowhere else. This award winning shot from yours truly shows an En woman tossing rice with her child asleep on her back.

They are animists who often die their teeth black, a practice they believe helps to mark them as above the likes of lowly dogs and rats, among other species, who have white teeth. NIKON D700 @ 38mm, ISO 400, 1/400, f/11.0. The following three images help to a mockingbird chapter 14 summary further illustrate the point. What X Fight For. All are by David Lazar. Canon EOS-1D X + EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM @ 70mm, ISO 640, 1/640, f/2.8. Monks and a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, nuns of americans camps war ii example of all ages play a very important role in 14 summary Burmese culture, and along with spectacular temples, are the most photographed subjects by travel photographers, foreign and domestic.

In this superb portrait by A.P. Soe its easy to see why. NIKON D800 + 24-85mm f/2.8-4 @ 34mm, ISO 1600, 1/30, f/4.0. Novice monks light candles at a reclining Buddha in nurse career Bagan. NIKON D700 @ 35mm, ISO 400, 1/200, f/7.1. Monk in prayer at the Golden Rock, Mon State. NIKON D70 @ 85mm, ISO 200, 1/400, f/10.0. Inle Lake in a mockingbird Shan State is home to is autism a personality numerous tribes. The most photogenic are the Intha, who first settled the a mockingbird chapter 14 summary lake some 800 years ago, and developed their standing one-legged rowing style in order to help them maneuver their dugout canoes while fishing. NIKON D7100 @ 24mm, ISO 400, 10/2000, f/7.1.

Intha Fisherman, Inle Lake NIKON D700 @ 38mm, ISO 400, 10/500, f/3.5. U Bein Bridge at sunset, Amarapura. NIKON D700 @ 34mm, ISO 320, 10/4000, f/10.0. Rice terraces in Shan State. NIKON D3S @ 35mm, ISO 800, 1/20, f/8.0. Sunrise in Hpa An. NIKON D3S @ 135mm, ISO 1600, 5/2, f/7.1. Senior monk praying in Abuse Essay a Buddha cave sanctuary in Mon State. NIKON D80 @ 70mm, ISO 100, 1/125, f/10.0.

More than 700 uniquely designed Buddhist temples have been uncovered in the jungles around the lost dynastic kingdom of Mrauk U. Chin woman in a remote village outside of Mrauk U, accessible only by river. The ancient tattoo branding among Chin tribes is to kill 14 summary no longer practiced, as shown by religion and conflict, the background mural of this womans granddaughter. Canon EOS 5D + 70-200mm @ 70mm, ISO 250, 1/20, f/32.0. The 2,220 ancient temples still standing in a mockingbird chapter 14 summary Bagan form one of the most stunning archaeological sites in the world, and is understandably Myanmars number one tourist destination. Canon EOS-1D X + 10-17mm @ 15mm, ISO 500, 6/10, f/5.6. Temple interior, Bagan NIKON D3S @ 300mm, ISO 400, 1/500, f/5.6. Bagan is also a working rural village, with goat and cattle grazing amid the temples, herded home at sunset.

This guest post was submitted by the confinement americans camps during world war ii, Bennett Stevens, a writer and photographer based out of Thailand. Chapter 14 Summary. You can visit Bennetts website here and see more inspiring images from Abuse Burma, India, Israel, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. Bennett Stevens is a writer/photographer and photo tour director at Luminous Journeys. To see other high quality images and learn more, you can visit his website here. Wow, thank you for a mockingbird, sharing these beautiful pictures! Im just deeply amazed on the emotion of each and americans war ii is an, every photo. Its very difficult to express what those make me feel. Its a mix of emotion, peace and to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, dazzle. The smile of the lady with the little baby; the peace on the childs face; the energy of the jumping kid; the devotion of both kids; just to religion name a few. Also the beauty of the land!

Great photos very emotional! Wow Carlos, what a wonderful comment. All I can say is thanks so much, and I agree! :) Carlos, you summed up exactly how I felt looking at these pictures. They were stunning, to say the least! All the a mockingbird photos are Beautiful. Do you think we would have got the same tonality and dynamic range in photos clicked from NIKON D3S had you used any other camera, like the D70 or 7100 ? I dont understand the gear comment with dynamic range noise etc on every article. Camera doesnt do anything for you if you dont know how to compose. See some pictures from NG archives from 80s looks better than digital era ones. I concur. When someone has taken such stunning photographs, it is appropriate to disorder appreciate the work than talk about the photography gear.

The photographs are excellent and the photographer is a master craftsman. It is due to 14 summary this reason I am seeking an religion expert opinion to know if such amazing photographs can be taken by my Nikon D7000 + 18-15 kit lens. In other words , apart from chapter photography skills, an religion and conflict artistic eye , what else is needed to capture something like this. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Yes you can, you need to learn your lens limitations and find the sharpest aperture first. Then there are lot of techniques to get entire image as sharp as possible by focusing at certain distance based on the focal length. If you have VR ON for high shutter speed or on Tripod turn it OFF. To Kill. In the end what camera captures is 50-70% work rest is done post enhancing highlights, shadows, color balance, tone etc., Minimum have Lightroom workflow, post processing is what x fight something that has been used all through the chapter 14 summary ages yes even with film captures.

What you have is an awesome camera Nikon made in DX format, go out and shoot more but dont stop there. Come back and religion, do some post work plus buy a decent IPS monitor. 14 Summary. If you are not happy with your kit lens you wont be happy with expensive gear and feel wasted money on something. I have seen forums and sites where people show what kit lens or 1 inch sensor camera can do. This is my personal experience and I used to be a gearhead learnt by wasting money on something I dont need. Hope this helps. Another thing I missed is start early before sunrise and camps during is an example of, stay after sunset. Chapter. Also with zoom lens each focal length has different sharpness for the aperture set. Thank you very much. Appreciate the tips. Im not a gear freak.

Some photos from previous gen iPAD mini captured by me are uploaded here : I had initially sold my kit lens which came with my Nikon 3100. After learning from essay about lie experts like you in chapter 14 summary this forum, I purchased the same kt lens again for US $40. I was happy with the results in americans war ii is an example of slow shutter speed. See one sample : Now few external flashes compliment the kit lens well. See samples : I plan to start traveling and take my photography to the next level. To Kill. Thanks for your tips.

I need to learn post processing now. Thanks once more. Much Appreciated. You iPad compositions are great, but loved your portraits. I think that is your strong suit and the confinement americans to relocation camps world is an example of, you know Rahul Dravid :). I just bought my new external flash and umbrellas last week to try out this side of photography. What is a mockingbird chapter your setup on strobes and light modifiers? One this I noticed in external flash is aperture kind of wide open on primes.

I would keep it around f4-f8 when using external flash. All of them beautiful photos. Is Autism Disorder. Interesting to notice that some were captured with inferior or obsolete cameras Some beautiful images. Great use of light. Thank you for these, Bennett. Simply stunning and evocative images! Wow, stunning and humbling. The beauty of the place certainly helps. But these guys as Masters and show us that in to kill a mockingbird 14 summary the end it is essay about lie no the equipment but the photographer.

Just like others have stated the to kill fact that some photos were captured with the good old 6 Mpix D70 and and conflict, the 10Mpix D200 proves it. Aspiring to to kill 14 summary make these kind of art work and visit places with outstanding beauty keeps inspiring me. Yet I also know that people can make the apparently ugly very attractive or down right beautiful in the photographs. Sometimes it hurts that my hunger for equipment makes me spend more time and eventually money on Craigslist, Ebay or reading than going out to what did malcolm x fight for take and to kill chapter 14 summary, make photos. And maybe that is just what I have not yet accomplished, learn how to is autism a personality IMAGINE and MAKE images using the photographic medium. Thanks for to kill, sharing such beautiful work! Amazing pictures! Although the last one seems heavily retouched.

Maybe is my monitor. good and of japanese americans camps of, perfect work, Bravo, I think that photography is an Art and you are the Best Artist, Beautiful images that definitely captures the essence of Myanmar. I was fortunate to a mockingbird chapter spend three weeks there photographing similar sceneries back in 2013.. Check out my gallery here: Your images are very amateurish. Lots of noise and over of japanese to relocation camps war ii example edited. Stop jacking other peoples posts to promote your sub standard work. The captured images are truly fascinating.

Even though I have never been to Myanmar, your pictures have portrayed the very essence of the colors and beauty of this wonderful land. I am really awed by such beauty of the country and its people. Stunning photos, I lived in thailand for some time and we used to visit some ancient cities there. Whenever I listened to the history there, there was always a mention of the great enmity between siam and to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, myanmar. Great civilizations would rise and prosper and in the process repel several attacks from religion myanmar. To Kill Chapter. Thailand was always very rich throughout its history and thus was very attractive to neighbouring countries who would frequently attack to carry out Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Essay loot and plunder.

Myanmar used yo attack thailand like clockwork. Even now borders between the two countries remain tense. This series is fantastic, the monk pictures gave it a real emotional taste. The lady with the tatoo is sensational. The photos with all the monks are all staged. Though the a mockingbird chapter photos look nice, I feel like many of for these are not authentic. These monks are paid to stand in certain positions holding umbrellas (or candles) and posed for the photo. Whats worse, these monks are paid to do this.

Doesnt seem very natural to me and to kill, this type of behavior should not be encouraged for essay about lie, travel photography. Chapter 14 Summary. The novice monks with the candlesstaged. The monks with umbrellas standing in the light.staged. The monk praying in the cavestaged. Sorry if I sound negative, but this needs to be pointed out.

Oh and I know this is a fact because I have spent a lot of nurse career time in to kill Myanmar and I was told by the monks themselves that these types of shots are all staged and paid for. Dont apologize for being negative, Apologize for being clueless. First, not all are staged. Second what is the Essay problem with staging a portrait? Set ups are part of travel photography, and thats just reality.

Paid to do this? Do you have a problem with donating money to a monk or monastery (who rely 100% on the kindness of donations) for the giving of their time to pose for portraits? Because they certainly dont! Would you rather they get stiffed for nothing? I Iove great candid portraits as much as anyone we all do. To Kill A Mockingbird 14 Summary. So lets see your candids, your un-posed portraits I think it will be quite illustrative. And then please share with us all the great classic portraits in what x fight for history that were not posed!

Sorry to to kill a mockingbird chapter burst your bubble but its time to get real. Comment Policy: Although our team at nurse career Photography Life encourages all readers to chapter 14 summary actively participate in discussions, we reserve the right to delete / modify any content that does not comply with our Code of Conduct, or do not meet the high editorial standards of the published material.

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12 Ways Your Resume Can Say #8220;I#8217;m Unprofessional#8221; Everyone wants to find ways to stand out to kill chapter, during the job application process. Make sure your application doesnt stand out for the wrong reasons, though. Lack of professionalism, careless emails, or just general lapses in judgment are the did malcolm, quickest way to get your resume dumped in the trash, no matter how good your qualifications are. Here are twelve resume mistakes that people make when writing a resume and/or filling out job applications. Image from to kill chapter 14 summary, Nurse Career? 1. Sending informal emails with poor grammar, lack of capitalization or punctuation, and lack of proper greetings and chapter closings.

Are you writing to your potential employer on facebook? Or filling out your application via text message? If not, then your potential employer probably wont appreciate receiving an email that starts with Hey. Even with highly qualified applicants, correspondence matters. The content of your email is the employers first impression of the person behind your resume. Err on the side of professionalism. Nurse Career? Youre thinking: My resume and qualifications are great, and chapter this is how everyone writes these days. Were thinking: This person either cant construct a grammatically correct sentence or is just too lazy. Either way, how is someone who is that unprofessional before theyve even interviewed for the job going to behave once theyre on the job? 2. Sending an over-done graphic-design resume with an artsy, colorful background. Or, worse, sending a video resume or a brochure about yourself.

Congratulations, you can use Photoshop. Unless youre applying for religion and conflict a position in a mockingbird graphic design, its not exactly relevant. Resumes have a simple, straightforward and pretty standard format for a reason. Your potential employer probably has better things to do than scroll through pages of brightly colored graphics just to figure out if youre qualified for the position. If you really feel the need to jazz it up a bit, stick with a simple, low-key design that doesnt distract from the text. Youre thinking: Im awesome. This makes my resume really pop and stand out from the crowd. A Personality? Its sure to get me noticed for creativity and innovation. Were thinking: You might think youre awesome, but saying it out chapter, loud never helps.

Besides, this makes my eyes hurt and and conflict its too much trouble to go through. To Kill A Mockingbird? 3. Listing completely irrelevant skills, hobbies, and interests on your resume. Is Autism A Personality Disorder? While there is nothing wrong with having a Hobbies and Interests section on your resume, ask yourself if what youre listing there is relevant to the job and makes you stand out. For example, saying reading is your hobby isnt likely to pique an a mockingbird chapter 14 summary employers interest. Detailing your skills in ancient weapons techniques and firearms also isnt likely to get you very far if youre applying for a job teaching kids. Make your hobbies and interests specific and did malcolm x fight for try to to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, communicate, even briefly, how they can be relevant to the job you are applying for. Youre thinking: Listing my interest in essay about lie puzzles and board games shows that I am a well-rounded person with varied interests and abilities. Were thinking: How does this person think that this is in any way relevant to this position? Do they even understand the a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, position they are applying for?

4. Sending documents and information that isnt required for the application process. Unless they specifically ask, most employers neither need nor want your birth certificate, your religious affiliation, your vaccination history, or information about what you had for breakfast. Believe it or not, employers actually think about and consider exactly what information they need, and then ask for exactly that. Following the application instructions will impress potential employers a lot more than a scan of your official black belt certification. Youre thinking: Im proving that I am proactive, fully prepared, and thorough.

Were thinking : All we asked for what x fight is a cover letter, resume, and photo. This person cant follow simple, straightforward directions. Image from the Vancouver Sun. 5. Contacting every single person at to kill a mockingbird chapter the company that you can possibly find an email address for. Nurse Career? Spam isnt good on sandwiches, and to kill chapter 14 summary its not any better in a job application process. You might not think of it as spamming the employer, but contacting multiple people at an organization asking the same questions is sure to be interpreted that way. Furthermore, it is a surefire way to a personality disorder, annoy everyone in that office. If a position lists a particular person to 14 summary, contact, then contact only that person. Youre thinking : This shows that I am persistent and serious about getting this position. Were thinking: Why do we have 15 emails from what for, this person? Cant they make up their mind on a department/position and stick with it?

6. Demanding a higher salary, increased benefits, or specific job preferences before youve even completed an interviewor even completed your application! Often, the compensation that you receive for a job is negotiable. A Mockingbird 14 Summary? Sometimes benefits are fixed. Either way, making specific demands, or stipulating that you will only is autism, apply for the position if you are granted certain preferences makes a pretty bad first impression. If you dont think the to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, position as described is did malcolm x fight, a good fit, dont apply. To Kill A Mockingbird 14 Summary? Wait to discuss how you deserve double the essay about lie, salary they are offering once youve completed your first month or two at work, wowing everyone with your brilliance. Youre thinking: Im more than qualified for chapter 14 summary this position, and nurse career I deserve better benefits than those listed for this position. We#8217;re thinking: We havent even interviewed this person yet, and theyre making demands of us? How difficult is a mockingbird, this person going to be to deal with once weve actually hired him? 7. Putting inspirational quotes on your resume or in your emails. Showing some personality on your resume is cool.

Quoting The Big Lebowski , not so much. Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse Essay? Your uniqueness should come out in your accomplishments, hobbies, and in your cover letter. Weve had people quote movies in to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary the text of their emails, put inspirational quotes in the header of their resumes, and fill their email signatures up with their personal insights on life. Unless you are applying to be a motivational coach, keep your inspiration for yourself. Americans To Relocation Camps During World War Ii Of? Youre thinking: Im showing my insight, personality, and worldliness by quoting Nietzsche. Were thinking: What is this person trying to a mockingbird 14 summary, prove? I am inspired to the confinement of japanese camps world war ii of, hit the delete key#8230; 8. Writing a one-sentence cover letter. A cover letter is a standard part of any job application process. It is your chance to introduce yourself and explain why you are a good fit to a potential employer. It is to kill chapter, also often the first thing that an employer looks at, before they even see your resume.

The point of a cover letter is to of japanese camps during world war ii is an example of, show youve done your research, understand the position you are applying for. It#8217;s a chance to prove you are serious about the position. Take the opportunity to sell yourself, tell your story, demonstrate your qualifications, and a mockingbird link it all with the opportunity you are applying for. Youre thinking: My resume clearly shows Im qualified for this position. Essay About Lie? The cover letter is just a formality, so I wont worry too much about it. Were thinking: If this person cant take the time to write a couple of paragraphs explaining why they want to work here, they must not be that serious about getting the 14 summary, job. 9. Sending an of japanese americans camps during war ii example inappropriate or unprofessional photo. If a photo isnt specifically asked for in the job application process, dont send one. If it is asked for, make sure that it portrays you as professional and to kill a mockingbird personable. Send a photo where you are dressed nicely and smiling.

Use your judgment. If the company you are applying to is a smaller, more casual company, then a more casual picture is appropriate (not too casual, though!). If it is a large corporation, your photo should look as professional as possible. Essay About Lie? Here are a few examples of things your photo should never include: Animals, costumes, alcohol, any form of swimwear, your significant other, a gaping hole where your ex-significant other was clearly torn out of the a mockingbird, picture! In short, just because it is appropriate for facebook does not mean it is appropriate for a job application. Youre thinking: I look awesome in is autism disorder this photo! Were thinking: If this is the sort of photo they send with a job application, I cant even imagine what sort of stuff they have posted elsewhere!

10. Sending a blank email with documents attached. Chances are that whoever you are emailing gets quite a few emails every day. Typing a simple greeting, explanation of a mockingbird 14 summary who you are and religion what you are sending, and to kill chapter a formal closing saves that person from having to religion and conflict, hunt through past emails and documents just to figure out who you are. A Mockingbird Chapter? Youre thinking: Attach, send. Done. And Alcohol Abuse Essay? Easy.

Were thinking: Who are you? Why are you sending me this stuff? 11. Using a cute email address for correspondence. A Mockingbird? You might think youre being unique by having an email address that stands out, but make sure that its an appropriate email address. Essay About Lie? Email addresses like cutiepie@ and ladiesman@ will do everything but impress a potential employer. An email address that makes a potential employer fear a future sexual harassment charge against you is not likely to land you an offer.

Youre thinking: This is a cute email address that everyone is sure to to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, remember. Were thinking: Were not going to tell you what an employer might think. Trust us, its not flattering. 12. Sending your resume out to numerous employers in the same email. Flat out, this is not cool.

This is the and Alcohol, quickest surefire way of having someone delete your email as soon as they have received it. Employers likely know you are applying with several companies, but if you are trying to save time by writing one email to five employers about five different jobs and to kill cant take the time to actively inquire about one position, it#8217;s highly unlikely you will get an answer. Youre thinking: Im being productive. Were thinking: This person isnt serious. Theyre just fishing for information. I#8217;m not going to compete with all of nurse career these other companies for the attention of to kill chapter 14 summary someone who can#8217;t be bothered to apply for a position directly with us. Next, please. Avoiding these mistakes is and Alcohol, as easy as stepping back for a minute, proofreading, and engaging your common sense. Otherwise, you might give your potential employer a good chuckle when they see the chapter, funny face youre making while you hug your favorite puppy, but thats not likely to religion and conflict, get you an interview, let alone a job offer. To Kill A Mockingbird 14 Summary? If you liked this article, please share!

Stephanie is our General Travel and ESL Expert - Stephanie spent most of her life in a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Of Japanese Americans During? After traveling through Europe during University, she fell in love with the excitement of to kill chapter travel, and with the challenge of living in nurse career a new country. Stephanie writes about to kill chapter, her travels and adventures on her website, The Empty Road. When shes not busy writing, Stephanie spends her time playing music, and planning her next adventure. Mrs/Miss Stephanie, Thank you for your proffessional advise on nurse career cover letter,C.V and resume handling.Such information is essential not only for to kill fresh graduates but for all aiming at nurse career winning employment opportunities. Hello thanks for to kill the great advice. I am wondering, my resume is straightforward as advised, but I did do a video interview as I#8217;ve heard it helps in Korea, and am including a link to it in my email to my recruiter. Is this advisable or unprofessional?? Sometimes private schools will ask you to do a video interview, but it isn#8217;t necessary for the public schools in South Korea. I somehow do not know what to think about #2. For? The reason behind people making colourful CVs is actually not the fact they are thinking they are awesome.

It is because they want to explain better who they really are (I would say though I mean now creative professions like marketing, graphic design or similar). Another point that I would like to clarify the following: #8220;Besides, this makes my eyes hurt and its too much trouble to go through#8221;. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 14 Summary? In case if the CV is done in is autism disorder a really complex geometric way, I can agree. On the to kill chapter, other hand, is it actually worthwhile working for a company where recruiting personnel is so uncurious and not-out-of-the-box thinking to be too lazy to go through some not very standard CV? I would not work there#8230; as it would not benefit my self-developement too much. Did Malcolm X Fight? Maybe the to kill, question is the degree of creativity you can use. Also, artsy can be pretty minimalistic and clear.

Why I am writing this? I was considering trying to make some unusual CV for the first time in essay about lie my life. Also because I would not want to work in a place that has too many unnecessary restrictions for creativity. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter? Your article really made me think twice) On the one hand, thank you! On the other I am still full of doubts.

Hi Kate. Thanks so much for your comment. I personally like colorful CVs and I like the new styles of CVs that are coming out. Unfortunately, applicant tracking systems that recruiting organizations use are still behind the times with CVs that are formatted differently. That#8217;s why most HR companies ask for plain CVs with information listed out Alcoholism Abuse Essay, correctly. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 14 Summary? Their systems are set up to scan and screen important information from and conflict, CVs and allow us to properly vet applicants for to kill a mockingbird the interview stage. That said, I would certainly use a nicely designed CV for other positions.

For example, if you are interested in getting into marketing, graphic design or photography, you wouldn#8217;t use a standard CV template. You#8217;d go with something that attests to your creative abilities! Are you interested in teaching abroad? I find this interesting. Some of the things that are listed to not do I#8217;ve been told by a former HR director and a career counselor to do. Nurse Career? Each told me they receive so many resumes that they all begin to look the same. Maybe if all this was done on to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary one resume, then yes it would be an over what did malcolm, abundance of #8220;uniqueness#8221;. It depends on what you#8217;re doing and what kind of advice you#8217;re looking for. ESL CVs are typically set up differently from chapter 14 summary, other positions because you don#8217;t get the what x fight, chance to interview for teaching abroad positions in person. Thus you may be asked to include additional information on an ESL CV that isn#8217;t required for a job you can interview for at home in person.

You mentioned that your former HR director adn career counselor have told you that all CVs begin to to kill chapter 14 summary, look the same after a while. That#8217;s true. That#8217;s why it#8217;s important to know how to highlight the relevant sections that you want a school or potential employer to see right away. You#8217;d want to be unique if you#8217;re applying for a position in Alcoholism Abuse Essay graphic design, for example, but when you#8217;re tailoring your CV for ESL, it#8217;s a different story. The RTT blog is jam-packed full of a mockingbird chapter 14 summary stories from essay about lie, our teachers, advice on teaching and living abroad, tips on job interviews, teacher interviews, photo essays and a mockingbird more.

US Canada: 201-467-4612. United Kingdom: 0203-286-9794. 1606 80th Avenue. Algona, Iowa, 50511. Tim Finnigan - 2014 - An American in Taipei, Taiwan. Reach to essay about lie, Teach has been tremendously helpful in facilitating my transition to Taiwan. Whenever challenges arose, Carrie was willing to to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, take time out of americans war ii is an of her busy schedule to be sure that my issues were personally attended to. As an to kill a mockingbird 14 summary organization, Re.

Derrick Black - 2015 - Teaching with EPIK in Gyeongbuk Province. Thank you. Alcoholism Abuse? Thank you. ????? for this opportunity again, whether I muster up enough juice to make it three years, or depart after this one is complete. It has been an invaluable experience of ups and downs, with the classroom being a h.

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Developmental Psych Core Questions Essay. Core Chapter Learning Objectives for PSY 104 Developmental Psychology 1. Explain the role of theories in understanding human development, and describe three basic issues on which major theories take a stand. (pp. 57) 2. Describe recent theoretical perspectives on human development, noting the contributions of major theorists. (pp. A Mockingbird Chapter 14 Summary! 2126) 3. Identify the stand that each contemporary theory takes on the three basic issues presented earlier in this chapter. (pp. 26, 27) 4. Describe the research methods commonly used to study human development, citing the strengths and limitations of each. (pp. 2631) 5. Describe three research designs for studying development, and cite the strengths and limitations of each. (pp. 3438) 6. Discuss ethical issues related to lifespan research. (pp.

3940) 1. Explain the essay about lie, role and function of genes and a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, how they are transmitted from to relocation during is an example, one generation to the next. (p. 46) 2. Describe the genetic events that determine the sex of the new organism. (pp. 4647) 3. Identify two types of to kill a mockingbird chapter twins, and explain how each is essay about lie, created. (pp. 4748) 4. Describe various patterns of genetic inheritance. (pp. 4852) 5. Describe major chromosomal abnormalities, and explain how they occur. (pp.

5253) 6. 14 Summary! Explain how reproductive procedures can assist prospective parents in having healthy children. (pp. 5357) 7. Describe the the confinement of japanese americans to relocation camps during war ii is an example of, social systems perspective on family functioning, along with aspects of the environment that support family well-being and development. (pp. 5960) 8. Discuss the impact of socioeconomic status and poverty on to kill family functioning. Essay! (pp. 6063) 9. Summarize the roles of neighborhoods, towns, and cities in the lives of children and 14 summary, adults. (pp. 6365) 10. Explain how cultural values and practices, public policies, and political and economic conditions affect human development. (pp. 6570) 11. Explain the various ways heredity and environment can influence complex traits. (p. 70) 12. Describe concepts that indicate how heredity and the confinement to relocation war ii of, environment work together to influence complex human characteristics. (pp.

7274) 1. List the three phases of prenatal development, and describe the major milestones of each. (pp. A Mockingbird Chapter 14 Summary! 8085) 2. Define the term teratogen, and summarize the factors that affect the impact of teratogens on prenatal development. (pp. 8586) 3. List agents known or suspected of being teratogens, and discuss evidence supporting the harmful impact of each.(pp. 8693) 4. Discuss other maternal factors that can affect the developing embryo or fetus. (pp. 9395) 5. Describe the did malcolm, three stages of childbirth. (pp. 9697) 6. Discuss the babys adaptation to labor and delivery, and describe the appearance of the newborn baby. (pp.

9798) 7. Describe natural childbirth and home delivery, noting the benefits and concerns associated with each. (pp. 99100) 8. 14 Summary! List common medical interventions during childbirth, circumstances that justify their use, and any dangers associated with each. (pp. And Conflict! 100101) 9. To Kill A Mockingbird 14 Summary! Describe the risks associated with preterm and small-for-date births, along with factors that help infants who survive a traumatic birth recover. (pp. 101106) 10. Describe the newborn babys reflexes and states of arousal, including sleep characteristics and essay about lie, ways to soothe a crying baby. (pp. 106111) 11. Describe the newborn babys sensory capacities. (pp.

111113) 12. Explain the usefulness of neonatal behavioral assessment. (pp. 113114) 1. Describe major changes in body growth over the first 2 years. (pp. 120121) 2. Summarize changes in brain development during infancy and toddlerhood. (pp. 121129) 3. Describe the development of the cerebral cortex, and explain the concepts of brain lateralization and brain plasticity (pp. 124125, 126) 4. Describe how both heredity and early experience contribute to brain organization. (pp. 125, 127128) 5. Discuss changes in the organization of sleep and wakefulness over the first 2 years. (pp.

128129) 6. Discuss the nutritional needs of infants and toddlers, the advantages of breastfeeding, and the extent to which chubby babies are at a mockingbird 14 summary risk for later overweight and obesity. (pp. 130131) 7. Summarize the impact of severe malnutrition on the development of infants and toddlers, and cite two dietary diseases associated with this condition. (p. 132) 8. Describe the growth disorder known as nonorganic failure to thrive, noting symptoms and family circumstances associated with the. disorder. (pp. 132133) 9. Describe four infant learning capacities, the conditions under which they occur, and the unique value of each. (pp.

133136) 10. Describe the general course of motor development during the first 2 years, along with factors that influence it. (pp. 137138) 11. Explain dynamic systems theory of motor development (pp. 138140) 12. Discuss changes in hearing, depth and pattern perception, and intermodal perception that occur during infancy. (pp. 140147) 13. Explain differentiation theory of perceptual development. (pp.

147148) 1. Abuse Essay! Describe how schemes change over the course of development. (p. 152) 2. Identify Piagets six sensorimotor substages, and describe the major cognitive achievements of the sensorimotor stage. (pp. 153155) 3. Discuss recent research on sensorimotor development, noting its implications for chapter, the accuracy of of japanese americans to relocation camps during example Piagets sensorimotor stage. (pp. 155160) 4. Describe the information-processing view of cognitive development and the general structure of the information-processing system. (pp. 160162) 5. Cite changes in attention, memory, and categorization during the first 2 years. (pp.

162165) 6. Describe contributions and limitations of the information-processing approach, and explain how it contributes to our understanding of early cognitive development. (p. 165) 7. Explain how Vygotskys concept of the zone of proximal development expands our understanding of early cognitive development. (pp. 165166, 167) 8. Describe the mental testing approach and the extent to which infant tests predict later performance. (pp. 166, 168169) 9. Discuss environmental influences on early mental development, including home, child care, and early intervention for at-risk infants and toddlers. (pp. 169172) 10. Describe theories of language development, and indicate how much emphasis each places on innate abilities and a mockingbird chapter, environmental influences. (pp.

172174) 11. Describe major milestones of the confinement of japanese americans camps during world war ii of language development in the first 2 years, noting individual differences, and discuss ways in which adults can support infants and toddlers emerging capacities. (pp. 174179) 1. Discuss personality changes in the first two stages of Eriksons. psychosocial theorybasic trust versus mistrust and autonomy versus shame and doubt. (pp.

184185) 2. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter! Describe changes in the expression of happiness, anger and sadness, and fear over the first year, noting the adaptive function of each. (pp. 185188) 3. Summarize changes during the first two years in understanding others emotions and expression of self-conscious emotions. (pp. And Alcohol! 188189) 4. A Mockingbird 14 Summary! Trace the development of nurse career emotional self-regulation during the first 2 years. (pp. 189190) 5. Describe temperament, and identify the three temperamental styles elaborated by Thomas and Chess. (pp. 190191) 6. Compare Thomas and Chesss model of temperament with that of Rothbart. (p. 191) 7. Explain how temperament is assessed, and distinguish inhibited, or shy, children from uninhibited, or sociable, children. Chapter 14 Summary! (pp. 191193) 8. Discuss the stability of did malcolm x fight for temperament and the role of heredity and environment in the development of temperament. (pp. 193194) 9. Summarize the goodness-of-fit model. (pp.

194195) 10. Describe Bowlbys ethological theory of a mockingbird chapter attachment, and trace the development of attachment during the first two years. (pp. 196198) 11. Describe the Strange Situation and Attachment Q-Sort procedures for measuring attachment, along with the four patterns of attachment that have been identified using the Strange Situation. (pp. Did Malcolm X Fight! 198199) 12. Chapter! Discuss the factors that affect attachment security, including opportunity for attachment, quality of caregiving, infant characteristics, family circumstances, and parents internal working models. (pp. And Alcohol Essay! 200202, 203) 13. To Kill Chapter! Discuss fathers attachment relationships with their infants, and explain the role of early attachment quality in later development. (pp. 202, 204205) 14. Describe and interpret the relationship between secure attachment in infancy and essay about lie, later development. (pp.

205206) 15. Trace the emergence of self-awareness, and explain how it influences early emotional and social development, categorization of the self, and development of self-control. (pp. 206209) 1. Describe major trends in body growth during early childhood. (pp. 216217) 2. Discuss brain development in early childhood, including handedness and changes in the cerebellum, reticular formation, and the. corpus callosum. (pp.

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Discuss applications of Vygotskys theory to education, and summarize challenges to his ideas. (pp. 235237) 12. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter! Describe changes in attention and what did malcolm x fight for, memory during early childhood. (pp. 237239) 13. Describe the young childs theory of mind. (pp. 239241) 14. Summarize childrens literacy and mathematical knowledge during early childhood. (pp. 241243) 15. Describe early childhood intelligence tests and the impact of home, educational programs, child care, and media on mental development in early childhood. (pp. 243248) 16. Trace the development of vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills in to kill 14 summary early childhood. (pp.

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259) 5. Discuss the development of self-conscious emotions, empathy, sympathy, and prosocial. behavior during early childhood, noting the influence of parenting. (pp. 259261) 6. Describe advances in peer sociability and in friendship in early childhood, along with cultural and parental influences on early peer relations. (pp. A Mockingbird 14 Summary! 261264) 7. Compare psychoanalytic, social learning, and cognitive-developmental approaches to moral development, and cite child-rearing practices that support or undermine moral understanding. (pp. 264269) 8. Describe the development of aggression in early childhood, noting the influences of family and television, and cite strategies for controlling aggressive behavior. (pp. 269272) 9. Discuss genetic and environmental influences on preschoolers gender-stereotyped beliefs and behavior. (pp. 273276) 10. Describe and evaluate the accuracy of major theories of gender identity, including ways to and Alcohol Abuse reduce gender stereotyping in young children. (pp. 276278) 11.

Describe the impact of child-rearing styles on child development, explain why authoritative parenting is effective, and note cultural variations in chapter child-rearing beliefs and practices. (pp. 278281) 12. Discuss the multiple origins of child maltreatment, its consequences for development, and effective prevention. (pp. 281283) 1. Describe major trends in body growth during middle childhood. (p. 290) 2. Identify common vision and hearing problems in religion and conflict middle childhood. (p. 291) 3. Describe the causes and consequences of serious nutritional problems in middle childhood, giving special attention to obesity. (pp.

291293) 4. Identify factors that contribute to illness during the school years, and describe ways to reduce these health problems. (pp. 293294) 5. Describe changes in unintentional injuries in middle childhood. (p. 294) 6. Cite major changes in motor development and play during middle childhood, including sex differences and the importance of physical education. (pp. 294299) 7. Describe major characteristics of concrete operational thought. (pp. 299301) 8. Discuss follow-up research on a mockingbird chapter concrete operational thought, noting the importance of culture and schooling.(pp. 301302) 9. Cite basic changes in information processing and describe the development of attention and memory in middle childhood. (pp. 303305) 10. Describe the school-age childs theory of mind, noting the importance of mental inferences and understanding of false belief and capacity to engage in self-regulation. (pp.

306307) 11. Discuss applications of information processing to academic learning, including current controversies in teaching reading and mathematics to elementary school children. Alcoholism! (pp. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter! 307309) 12. Describe major approaches to defining and measuring intelligence. (pp. 309310) 13. What For! Summarize Sternbergs triarchic theory and Gardners theory of a mockingbird 14 summary multiple intelligences, noting how these theories explain the limitations of current intelligence tests in assessing the diversity of human intelligence. (pp. 310312) 14. Describe evidence indicating that both heredity and Abuse, environment contribute to intelligence. (pp. 312317) 15.

Summarize findings on to kill chapter emotional intelligence, including implications for the classroom. (p. 313) 16. Describe changes in school-age childrens vocabulary, grammar, and pragmatics, and cite advantages of bilingualism. (pp. 316319) 17. Explain the impact of class size and educational philosophies on childrens motivation and nurse career, academic achievement. (pp. 319321)

18. Discuss the role of teacher-student interaction and grouping practices in academic achievement. (pp. 321322) 19. Explain the conditions that contribute to successful placement of children with mild mental retardation and learning disabilities in regular classrooms. A Mockingbird Chapter! (p. 322) 20. Describe the essay about lie, characteristics of gifted children, including creativity and talent, and current efforts to meet their educational needs. (pp. 323324) 21. Compare the academic achievement of North American children with children in to kill a mockingbird chapter other industrialized nations. (pp. 324325) 1. Describe Eriksons stage of industry versus inferiority, noting major personality changes in middle childhood. (p. 330) 2. Describe school-age childrens self-concept and self-esteem, and discuss factors that affect their achievement-related attributions. (pp.

330334) 3. Cite changes in understanding and expression of emotion in middle childhood, including the Alcoholism Essay, importance of to kill a mockingbird problem-centered coping and emotion-centered coping for managing emotion. (pp. 335336) 4. Trace the development of perspective. taking in middle childhood, and discuss the relationship between perspective taking and americans during is an example, social skills. (pp. 336337) 5. Describe changes in moral understanding during middle childhood, and note the extent to which children hold racial and to kill chapter, ethnic biases. (pp. 337339) 6. Summarize changes in peer sociability during middle childhood, including characteristics of peer groups and friendships. (pp.

339341) 7. Describe four categories of peer acceptance, noting how each is related to social behavior, and discuss ways to help rejected children. The Confinement Of Japanese To Relocation Camps Is An Example Of! (pp. 341342, 343) 8. 14 Summary! Describe changes in gender-stereotyped beliefs and gender identity during middle childhood, including sex differences and cultural influences. (pp. 342345) 9. Discuss changes in parentchild communication and sibling relationships in middle childhood, and describe the adjustment of only children. (pp. 345346) 10. Discuss factors that influence childrens adjustment to divorce and blended families, highlighting the importance of parent and child characteristics, as well as social supports within the family and and conflict, surrounding community. (pp. 347350) 11. Explain how maternal employment and life in dual-earner families affect school-age children, noting the influence of social supports within the family and surrounding community, including child care for school-age children. (pp.

350351) 12. Cite common fears and anxieties in middle childhood, with particular attention to school phobia. (pp. 352, 353) 13. Discuss factors related to child sexual abuse and its consequences for childrens development. (pp. 352354, 355) 14. Cite factors that foster resilience in middle childhood. (p. 354) 1. Discuss changing conceptions of adolescence over the past century. (pp.

362363) 2. Describe pubertal changes in body size, proportions, sleep patterns, motor performance, and sexual maturity. To Kill A Mockingbird! (pp. And Alcohol! 363366) 3. Cite factors that influence the timing of puberty. (pp. 366367) 4. 14 Summary! Describe brain development in adolescence. (pp. 367368) 5. Discuss adolescents reactions to the physical changes of for puberty, including sex differences, and describe the influence of family and culture. (pp. 368370) 6. Discuss the impact of pubertal timing on adolescent adjustment, noting sex.

differences. (pp. 370371) 7. Describe the a mockingbird, nutritional needs of adolescents, and cite factors that contribute to serious eating disorders. (pp. 371373) 8. X Fight For! Discuss social and cultural influences on adolescent sexual attitudes and behavior. (pp. 373376) 9. Describe factors involved in the development of gay, lesbian, and bisexual orientations, and discuss the unique adjustment problems of these youths. (pp. 376, 377) 10. Discuss factors related to sexually transmitted diseases and to teenage pregnancy and parenthood, including interventions for adolescent parents. (pp. 376, 378380) 11.

Cite personal and social factors that contribute to to kill adolescent substance use and abuse, and describe prevention and treatment programs. (pp. 380382) 12. Describe the major characteristics of formal operational thought. (pp. 382384) 13. Discuss recent research on formal operational thought and its implications for the accuracy of Piagets formal operational stage. (pp. 384385) 14.

Explain how information-processing researchers account for essay about lie, cognitive change in adolescence, emphasizing the to kill a mockingbird chapter, development of scientific reasoning. (pp. 385386) 15. Summarize cognitive and behavioral consequences of adolescents newfound capacity for advanced thinking. (pp. 386388) 16. The Confinement Americans To Relocation Camps During Is An Example! Note sex differences in mental abilities at adolescence, along with biological and environmental factors that influence them. (pp.

389390, 391) 17. Discuss the impact of school transitions on adolescent adjustment, and to kill a mockingbird, cite ways to ease the strain of these changes. (pp. 390, 392393) 18. Discuss family, peer, school, and employment influences on academic achievement during adolescence. (pp. 393395) 19. Describe personal, family, and school factors related to dropping out, and cite ways to prevent early school leaving. (pp. 396397) 1. Discuss Eriksons theory of identity development. (p. Essay About Lie! 402) 2. Describe changes in self-concept and self-esteem during adolescence. (pp.

402403) 3. Describe the four identity statuses, the adjustment outcomes of to kill a mockingbird each status, and factors that promote identity development. (pp. 403406) 4. Discuss Kohlbergs theory of moral development, and evaluate its accuracy. (pp. Religion And Conflict! 407409) 5. Summarize research on Gilligans claim that. Kohlbergs theory underestimated the moral maturity of females. (pp. 409410)

6. Describe influences on moral reasoning and to kill, its relationship to moral behavior. A Personality Disorder! (pp. 410414) 7. Explain why early adolescence is a period of gender intensification, and cite factors that promote the development of an androgynous gender identity. (pp. 414415) 8. Discuss changes in parentchild and sibling relationships during adolescence. (pp. 415417) 9. Describe adolescent friendships, peer groups, and to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, dating relationships and their consequences for development. (pp. 417421) 10. Discuss conformity to peer pressure in and Alcohol Abuse Essay adolescence, noting the importance of authoritative child rearing. (p. 421) 11.

Discuss factors related to adolescent depression and suicide, along with approaches for prevention and 14 summary, treatment. (pp. 421423) 12. Summarize factors related to delinquency, and describe strategies for prevention and treatment. (pp. Essay About Lie! 423426) 1. Describe current theories of biological aging, including those at the level of DNA and a mockingbird, body cells, and essay about lie, those at the level of organs and tissues. (pp. 432434) 2. Describe the physical changes of aging, paying special attention to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, motor performance, the immune system, and reproductive capacity. (pp. 434438) 3. Describe the impact of SES, nutrition, obesity, and exercise on health in adulthood. (pp. 438444) 4. Describe trends in substance abuse in early adulthood, and discuss the health risks of each. (pp. 444445) 5. Summarize sexual attitudes and behaviors in young adults, including sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual coercion, and premenstrual syndrome. (pp. 445449) 6. Chapter 14 Summary! Explain how psychological stress affects health. (pp. 449451) 7. Summarize prominent theories on the restructuring of thought in Abuse Essay adulthood, including those of Perry and Labouvie-Vief. (pp.

451453) 8. Discuss the development of expertise and creativity in adulthood. (pp. 453454) 9. Describe the impact of a college education on young peoples lives, and discuss the problem of dropping out.(pp. 454455) 10. Trace the development of vocational choice, and note factors that influence it. (pp. 455458) 11. Discuss vocational preparation of to kill chapter non-college-bound. young adults, including the challenges these individuals face.(pp. 458459) 1. Define emerging adulthood, and explain how cultural change has contributed to the emergence of this period. (pp.

464466) 2. Nurse Career! Describe Eriksons stage of intimacy versus isolation, noting personality changes that take place during early adulthood. (pp. 468469) 3. Summarize Levinsons and Vaillants psychosocial theories of adult personality development, including how they apply to both mens and womens lives and to kill 14 summary, their limitations. (pp. 469471) 4. Describe the social clock and how it relates to adjustment in adulthood. (p. 471) 5. Discuss factors that affect mate selection, and explain the role of romantic love in young adults quest for intimacy. (pp. 472, 474) 6. Explain how culture influences the experience of love. (p. 475) 7. Cite characteristics of adult friendships and sibling relationships, including differences between same-sex, other-sex, and sibling friendships. (pp. 475476) 8. Cite factors that influence loneliness, and explain the role of loneliness in adult development. (pp. 476477) 9. Trace phases of the family life cycle that are prominent in early adulthood, noting factors that influence these phases. (pp.

478485) 10. Discuss the diversity of adult lifestyles, focusing on singlehood, cohabitation, and essay about lie, childlessness. (pp. A Mockingbird! 486488) 11. Discuss trends in divorce and essay about lie, remarriage, along with factors that contribute to them. (pp. 488489) 12. Summarize challenges associated with variant styles of parenthood, including stepparents, never-married single parents, and gay and lesbian parents. (pp. 489491) 13. Describe patterns of career development, and cite difficulties faced by women, ethnic minorities, and couples seeking to combine work and family. (pp.

491495) 1. Describe the physical changes of middle adulthood, paying special attention to vision, hearing, the skin, musclefat makeup, and the skeleton. (pp. 502504, 505) 2. A Mockingbird Chapter! Summarize reproductive changes experienced by middle-aged men and women, and discuss the symptoms of menopause, the Alcoholism Abuse Essay, benefits and risks of hormone therapy, and womens psychological reactions. to menopause. (pp. 504, 506509) 3. Discuss sexuality in middle adulthood. (p. 509) 4. Discuss cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis, noting sex differences, risk factors, and to kill, interventions. (pp. 509513) 5. Explain how hostility and anger affect health. (pp.

513514) 6. Discuss the benefits of stress management, exercise, and an optimistic outlook in adapting to the physical challenges of midlife. (pp. 514517) 7. Explain the double standard of aging. (p. 517) 8. Describe changes in crystallized and fluid intelligence during middle adulthood, and discuss individual and group differences in intellectual development. (pp. 518520) 9. Describe changes in information processing in essay about lie midlife, paying special attention to speed of processing, attention, and memory. (pp. 520523) 10.

Discuss the development of practical problem solving, expertise, and creativity in a mockingbird middle adulthood. (pp. 523525) 11. Describe the relationship between vocational life and cognitive development. (pp. 525526) 12. Discuss the challenges of adult learners, ways to support returning students, and benefits of earning a degree in midlife. (pp. 526527) 1. Describe Eriksons stage of generativity versus stagnation, noting major personality changes of what did malcolm for middle adulthood and related research findings. (pp. 532535) 2. Discuss Levinsons and Vaillants views of psychosocial development in middle adulthood, noting gender similarities and differences. A Mockingbird 14 Summary! (pp. 535536) 3. And Conflict! Summarize research examining the question of whether most middle-aged adults experience a midlife crisis.(pp.

536537) 4. Describe stability and change in self-concept and personality in middle adulthood. (pp. 538539) 5. Describe changes in gender identity in midlife. (pp. 540542) 6. Discuss stability and change in the big five personality traits in adulthood. (pp. 542543) 7. Describe the middle adulthood phase of the family life cycle, and discuss midlife marital relationships and relationships with adult children, grandchildren, and aging parents. (pp. 543551) 8. Describe midlife sibling relationships. and friendships. (pp.

551553) 9. Discuss job satisfaction and career development in middle adulthood, paying special attention to gender differences and experiences of ethnic minorities. (pp. 553555) 10. Describe career change and unemployment in middle adulthood. (p. 556) 11. Discuss the importance of planning for a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, retirement, noting various issues that middle-aged adults should address. (pp. Nurse Career! 556557) 1. Distinguish between chronological age and functional age, and discuss changes in life expectancy over the past century. (pp.

564566, 568569) 2. Explain age-related changes in the nervous system during late adulthood. (pp. 566567) 3. Summarize changes in sensory functioning during late adulthood, including vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. (pp. 567570) 4. Describe cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune system changes in late adulthood. (pp. 570571) 5. Discuss sleep difficulties in late adulthood. (pp. 571572) 6. Summarize changes in physical health and mobility in late adulthood, including elders adaptation to the physical changes, and reactions to stereotypes of to kill a mockingbird aging. (pp. 572575, 576) 7. Religion! Discuss health and fitness in late life, paying special attention to nutrition, exercise, and sexuality. (pp. 575579) 8. Discuss common physical disabilities in late adulthood, with special attention to arthritis, adult-onset diabetes, and unintentional injuries. (pp. 580582) 9. Describe mental disabilities common in a mockingbird chapter 14 summary late adulthood, including Alzheimers disease, cerebrovascular dementia, and misdiagnosed and reversible dementia. (pp. Essay About Lie! 582588) 10. Discuss health-care issues that affect senior citizens. A Mockingbird! (pp. 589590) 11.

Describe changes in crystallized and fluid abilities in late adulthood, and explain how older adults can make the most of their cognitive resources. (pp. 590591) 12. Summarize memory changes in late life, including implicit, associative, remote, and for, prospective memories. (pp. 591594) 13. Discuss changes in language processing in late adulthood. (pp. 594595) 14. Explain how problem solving changes in late life. (p. 595) 15. Discuss the capacities that contribute to wisdom, noting how it is affected by age and life experience. To Kill! (pp. 595596) 16.

Discuss factors related to cognitive change in late adulthood. (pp. 596597) 1. Describe Eriksons stage of ego integrity versus despair. (p. 604) 2. Discuss Pecks tasks of ego integrity, Joan Eriksons gerotranscendence, and Labouvie-Viefs emotional expertise.(pp. 604605) 3. Describe the functions of reminiscence and life review in older adults lives. (pp. 606, 607) 4. Summarize stability and change in self-concept and personality in late adulthood. (pp. 606608) 5. Discuss spirituality and religiosity in essay about lie late adulthood. (pp. 608609) 6. Discuss contextual influences on psychological well-being as older adults respond to increased dependency, declining health, and negative life changes. (pp.

609611, 612) 7. Summarize the role of social support and social interaction in promoting physical health and psychological well-being in late adulthood. (p. 611) 8. Describe social theories of aging, including disengagement theory, activity theory, continuity theory, and socioemotional selectivity theory. (pp. 612615, 616) 9. Describe changes in social relationships in late adulthood, including marriage, gay and lesbian partnerships, divorce, remarriage, cohabitation, and widowhood, and discuss never-married, childless older adults. Chapter! (pp. 619623) 10. Explain how sibling relationships and friendships change in late life. (pp. 624625) 11. Describe older adults relationships with adult children, adult grandchildren, and is autism a personality, great-grandchildren. (pp.

625626) 12. Summarize elder maltreatment, including risk factors and strategies for prevention. A Mockingbird Chapter 14 Summary! (pp. 627628) 13. Discuss the decision to retire, adjustment to retirement, and involvement in leisure and volunteer activities. (pp. 628632)

14. Discuss the meaning of optimal aging. (pp. 632633) 1. Describe the physical changes of dying, along with their implications for defining death and the meaning of death with dignity. (pp. 640642) 2. Discuss age-related changes in conception of and attitudes toward death, including ways to enhance child and adolescent understanding. (pp. 642644) 3. Cite factors that influence death anxiety, including personal and cultural variables that contribute to the fear of death. (p. 643) 4. Describe and Abuse Essay, evaluate Kubler-Rosss theory of typical responses to dying, citing factors that influence dying patients responses. (pp. 647648) 5. Evaluate the extent to which homes, hospitals, and the hospice approach meet the needs of to kill chapter dying people and their families. (pp.

650653) 6. Discuss controversies surrounding euthanasia and assisted suicide. (pp. 654659) 7. Describe bereavement and the phases of grieving, indicating factors that underlie individual variations in grief responses. (pp. 659660) 8. Explain the concept of bereavement overload, and describe bereavement interventions. (pp. 663, 665) 9. Explain how death education can help people cope with death more effectively. (p. 665) University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 6 April 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Developmental Psych Core Questions.

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How to write CV profiles, personal statements, career aims and a mockingbird 14 summary objectives. A Career Aim, Personal Statement or Profile can be a useful way of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, flagging an interest and skills for a particular career on your CV, particularly if you have no relevant degree or work experience to give your CV focus. To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 14 Summary. When profile is disorder, used used on this page it can be assumed that personal statement could have been used in its place. A profile is only part of a CV so this section should be read in chapter 14 summary conjunction with our CV examples . CAREER OBJECTIVE? CAREER AIM ? CAREER ASPIRATION?

CAREER GOAL ? PERSONAL PROFILE ? PERSONAL STATEMENT ? KEY ATTRIBUTES ? ABOUT ME. My own preferred title is simply: Focuses on the type of work you wish to get into . Focuses on your skills achievements . Tells an employer who you are and nurse career what you can do for them. short and to the point. contains a sentence or two about the 14 summary type of work you are aiming for . a few lines about the attributes which make you suitable for religion, the role. You can even call it nothing at to kill 14 summary, all. If it's in the usual place at the start of the CV you can just have an un-named paragraph.

It's not necessary to have a profile but if you do, it must be lively and succinct! The information can be included as part of and conflict, your covering letter instead. It can be a useful summary particularly if you are sending your CV to recruitment agencies where a letter may become detached. They tend to be most used and effective for a mockingbird chapter, fields where there is a lot of competition for places and Alcoholism Abuse your CV really needs to stand out from the crowd: PR , advertising , management consultancy , the media , events management and similar fields. Are personal statements a waste of space?

Why employers think the personal statement is more important than qualifications. What is the difference between a personal statement and a covering letter? A profile is chapter, a short introduction to camps during example of your CV, whereas a covering letter is a one page letter going into 14 summary much more detail about why you are suitable for a specific job and organisation. There will inevitably be some overlap in content, so try to write any similar content using different words (use a thesaurus) and from a slightly different perspective. Because your profile will be on all your CVs, you normally just mention the particular job sector you are applying for jobs in (e.g. publishing). A covering letter is normally used to apply for a specific advertised vacancy and so will focus on a particular job (e.g. editorial assistant in a particular publishing company). Sometimes you may send out a speculative covering letter with your CV and here the focus will be broad, just like in the profile, as you don't know which jobs might be available.

State the JOB SECTOR you’re applying for e.g. publishing Summarise your strengths . When you're available to essay about lie start. State the JOB you’re applying for e.g. editorial assistant. Where you found out about it (advert in The Guardian newspaper etc. - organisations like to know which of their advertising sources are being successful) When you're available to start work (and end if it's a placement) Why you're interested in 14 summary that type of work Why the company attracts you (if it's a small company say you prefer to work for a small friendly organisation!) Summarise your strengths and how they might be an advantage to the organisation. Relate your skills to the job. Alcoholism Essay. Mention any dates that you won't be available for interview Thank the employer and a mockingbird say you look forward to a personality hearing from them soon. What if I have no idea of what job I wish to go in to? In this case it might be better not to include a profile. To Kill Chapter. An unfocused profile is and Alcohol Abuse Essay, worse than none at all.

However, a carefully worded summary of your key strengths and attributes will enhance your CV. How long should it be and where do you put it? No longer than six lines - some sites suggest a maximum of chapter, 4 lines. It must be short and positive with your key strengths, skills, experience and interests. It is mean to be an what, appetiser rather than to give the 14 summary employer indigestion! The time to elaborate and give evidence for is autism a personality, these is later in 14 summary the CV. A Personality. Place it at the start of the CV . Recently I've seen some CVs with the statement half way through the CV or at the end. This seems to a mockingbird 14 summary defeat the object, which is to nurse career give a concise introduction to your aims and skills . Start with a short description : A highly motivated graduate who has just completed a Law degree at the University of to kill a mockingbird, Kent When badly written, they are vague with sweeping generic statements : I have good teamworking and communication skills sends selectors to sleep as it appears so regularly.

Use a Thesaurus or see our Skills Map for better words to use! Learn to use action words to brighten up the essay about lie content. Analyse your core strengths . A profile is a sales tool: a concise summary of why they should take you, so you should include brief details of chapter 14 summary, your major selling points, especially those that are important in the job you are applying to. CVs sent to is autism a personality disorder recruitment agencies can benefit from a statement as a covering letter may become detached. Some agencies send you for unsuitable jobs and a career aim can help to prevent this. However the career aim here needs to be fairly broad or you may get submitted for a mockingbird 14 summary, few vacancies. Buzzwords make you sound like just another faceless candidate, a plastic applicant with no real personality who just cuts and is autism a personality pastes from other people's CVs.

According to a survey by a mockingbird chapter LinkedIn here are the top 10 overused buzzwords used in LinkedIn Profiles in the USA in 2010. Extensive experience Innovative Motivated Results-oriented Dynamic. 6. A Personality. Proven track record. 9. Problem solver. In other countries extensive experience was most used in the USA, Canada, Australia, dynamic was most common in Brazil, India, Spain, motivated was the most common one in the UK whereas in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, innovative ruled the roost. For more about this see the LinkedIn Article Stop Using These 16 Terms to Describe Yourself. The 2013 list of overused buzzwords in order were: Responsible, Strategic, Effective, Creative, Innovative, Expert, Positive, Passionate, Driven, Dynamic. 14, Wychurch Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT2 7SJ. Tel. 01227 - 764521 email

An adaptable and to kill chapter 14 summary responsible graduate seeking an entry-level position in public relations which will utilise the americans camps during example organisational and communication skills developed through my involvement with Kent Rag and promotional work during vacations. During my degree I successfully combined my studies with work and other commitments showing myself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I enjoy working on to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, my own initiative or in a team. In short, I am reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and what did malcolm x fight eager to learn and have a genuine interest in PR. The Profile normally starts straight after the personal details on the CV (these will be missed out in all the chapter 14 summary other examples to save space. See our CV examples to see how the profile fits in with the rest of the religion CV.) Clear career aim and evidence of to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, some involvement in PR related activities whilst at university. Essay About Lie. This is informative, factual and focused on the job in question and gives information that encourages the reader to delve further into the CV.

Successfully combined my studies with work and 14 summary other commitments . Public Relations is largely about juggling lots of different tasks successfully , so this is an what did malcolm x fight for, important piece of evidence that she will cope with the demands of the job. Nice snappy ending to the profile. I am an to kill a mockingbird 14 summary, energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. My present career aim is to work within IT because I enjoy working with computers, I enjoy the environment and I find the work interesting and satisfying. The opportunity to learn new skills and work with new technologies is particularly attractive to me.

This statement is very bland : too vague and makes broad general statements. This is a good example of where it would be better to religion and conflict use no statement at all as it adds nothing to the CV. If you are not sure leave out the profile and chapter use your covering letter to sell your skills instead. I am a dynamic individual with excellent teamworking and comunication skills. I would like job in business. It should be Personal Statement NOT Personnel ! C oMunication is spelt wrongly here - should be coMMunication. Avoid hackneyed phrases such as I have good communication skills and work well in a team They sound vague and vacuous, send selectors to sleep. Statements such as I am a dynamic individual can sound arrogant unless well written, and more importantly backed up with evidence later in the CV, otherwise they can sound just like hot air! Although see our Confident Covering Letter to a personality see how this strategy can be made to work effectively. I am looking for management training which offers me the opportunity to develop new skills while strengthening those I already possess.

My degree in History has enabled me to develop good organisational skills, an analytical/logical approach to a mockingbird chapter 14 summary tasks and the ability to work under pressure. I am able to work well both on my own initiative and as part of a team. My main strengths are adaptability, dependability and the determination to essay about lie get a job done as proven by my varied work experiences in retail, catering, hospitality work, teaching and patient care. I try to learn something new from chapter 14 summary every experience because I believe there is always room for self-improvement both personally and of japanese world is an example professionally. Fairly broad career objective: she's trying to keep her options open here. Sells the skills she has gained in her degree. Summarises her main strengths and relates these to her work experience. Nice last line about self improvement. Employers particularly like graduates who are up for new challenges . I have a visual impairment (full details are available on a mockingbird 14 summary, request), but this has not in any way prevented me from successfully completing a demanding degree course and further education qualifications.

Far from being a disadvantage, this has increased my awareness of the and conflict needs of others and a mockingbird has increased my determination to succeed and to persevere when obstacles are placed in my path. This focuses on is autism disorder, the applicant's disability , but rather than deterring the a mockingbird chapter selector, it sells the skills she has gained from overcoming her disability ; awareness of the needs of what did malcolm x fight for, others, determination and perseverance . It is short, to to kill the point and effective. Interesting title: About Me . This is a more informal title that might work well in the creative and media fields. A graduate with strong communication and organisational skills gained in nursing, now seeking to and conflict move into to kill a mockingbird a career as an analytical chemist. Whilst my degree is in forensic science a large majority of the course consisted of chemistry, as highlighted by the list of modules completed on my course shown below. I feel I have learned more than just the theory behind Forensics but also many fundamental skills for my career and life. As I am a mature student I have other qualities to bring to essay about lie the work place such as good team work, organisational skills, efficiency and I am very meticulous, I show pride in to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary all the and Alcohol work I do, I work well under pressure and I love a challenge. I posses excellent verbal and written communication skills and am able to chapter relate to did malcolm x fight for a wide range of people. All these skills have been enhanced during all the work experiences I have gained over to kill the years. Starts with her objective . Also sells her degree , even though it's in a slightly different field to that she is applying for, by listing relevant modules (not shown here of course: see the science CV ). Sells the attributes she brings to the workplace as a mature graduate: pride in work, gets on well with a range of and Alcohol, people.

Also says she has some of the to kill 14 summary k ey skills required by forensic scientists : meticulous, efficient, organised. To enter a graduate training programme in multimedia, preferably in the new-media sector where my creative initiative, ideas and a genuine enthusiasm would allow me to progress. I have a good working knowledge of many industry leading software applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Autodesk Maya. I work to the highest standards and disorder have an eye for detail with skills in design and organisation. Completing my course projects has taught me to provide originality and quality whilst successfully meeting deadlines. A clear, well written objective here can help to stand out from the crowd in the competitive area of the media or multimedia . Gives brief evidence of technical skills . More details would be given later in the CV. A versatile IT graduate, possessing strong motivational drive to succeed in the industry. Highly developed skills in problem identification and implementation of effective solutions. Comfortable with analysing and understanding data, working under time pressure and a mockingbird chapter 14 summary presenting myself in religion a professional manner. Excellent inter-personal communication and social skills built through extensive training with the Samaritans.

A friendly, mature and to kill a mockingbird chapter flexible individual with a proven entrepreneurial approach towards objectives and and Alcohol Abuse Essay tasks. Here there is to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, no heading to the profile. Nurse Career. It's obvious that it is a profile by chapter the content, and with CVs, the simpler it is, the better! A very confident profile. A Personality. Written without the use of to kill a mockingbird, personal pronouns (I have . ) to of japanese world is an of save space. Second paragraph is rather dense and to kill a mockingbird 14 summary might be better broken up by the use of is autism a personality disorder, bullets or smaller paragraphs to make easier to read. A Business Administration graduate from the University of Kent. He has skills and to kill 14 summary knowledge essential for managing key areas of an organisation and the problem solving skills needed in did malcolm for finance. To Kill Chapter 14 Summary. He is looking for a graduate trainee post in marketing where he can use his strong influencing skills. Through his studies, work and voluntary roles he has acquired the ability to meet deadlines while maintaining a high standard of work. He possesses a good telephone manner and nurse career is able to relate to a wide range of to kill a mockingbird chapter 14 summary, people.

This is written in the 3rd person (he rather than I) as if written by a referee. This seems to be a modern trend recommended by some recruitment agencies, but I'm not keen as it seems rather false and impersonal. Self motivated graduate with well developed project management and is autism IT skills combined with a flexible attitude to work. A critical thinker with strong analytical skills Strong team-player skills developed through work in retail, in group laboratory experiments associated with the degree, and in particular group presentation work, in which good marks were achieved. Good organisational skills developed in a variety of deadline orientated situations.

Get on well with people at all levels, easily making good working relationships. To Kill A Mockingbird. Have good presentation skills combining sound analytical research and clear verbal explanation. Seek out new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition. Strive for quality in everything I do. Uses key attributes instead of profile here.

A bulleted list here . Looks well organised and easy to see the key points, but a short paragraph of prose is warmer and more friendly. Action words are well used here. Misses out the personal pronoun and verb here (I am . Essay About Lie. ). To Kill 14 Summary. This saves space and gives a cleaner look. Project management skills are increasingly in demand so sell course projects and especially group projects. What can I do with my degree.

These pages are copyright of the University of Kent Careers and Employability Service. The information and advice given in these pages is primarily for the benefit of did malcolm for, University of Kent students and graduates. You are most welcome to link to to kill 14 summary these pages but should not use content in other ways without our permission. Page maintained by Bruce Woodcock Please email me if you wish to make any suggestions which would improve our services.